Our interview with Matt Geiger is out now. We talked about his current views on the battery metals space, being a contrarian within the resource sector, and what to look for in a junior mining stock. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Mr. Geiger is Managing Partner at MJG Capital, which is a limited partnership specializing in long-term natural resource investments. They adhere to bottom-up security analysis and maintain a long-only portfolio of resource equities. The partnership adheres to a bottom-up security analysis within the context of four ongoing macroeconomic themes: global food scarcity, global fuel/energy scarcity, regional water scarcity, and the emerging world’s infrastructure build out. Their holdings include explorers, developer, and producers of energy, industrial, precious and agricultural minerals and metals.

Matt Geiger gives us his views on what to look for in a junior resource stock - View here.

Matt Geiger talks to us about the Nickel market and the shifts taking place within the sector - View here.

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