Our interview with Rick Bensignor is out now. We talked about the role of luck and skill in the markets, why Gold is back in a bull market, and the potential for $1700 Gold. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Rick Bensignor is the founder of The Bensignor Group. Rick has worked for several Wall Street firms, including Morgan Stanley as a Chief Market Strategist, Wells Fargo Securities as Head of Cross-Asset Trading Strategy, and Bloomberg LP as Head of Futures, Commodities, and Technical Analysis. He is an accomplished teacher and has experience as a corporate trainer with several major Wall Street firms. Rick is also an Author and Editor of two books, “New Thinking in Technical Analysis: Trading Models from the Masters” and “Investors Business Daily Guide to the Markets.” Rick is frequently quoted in leading global business media, including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, and Fox Business TV.

We talked about the role of luck and skill in the markets, and the potential for $1700 Gold - View here.

Rick Bensignor explains why Gold is back in a bull market - View here.

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