Our interview with Rick Rule is out now. We talked about investing cycles, the Gold price, and how Rick learned to be patient when investing within the resource sector. View our exclusive previews clips below.

Rick Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resources securities investing. In addition to the knowledge and experience gained in a long and focused career, he has a global network of contacts in the natural resources and finance sectors. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., Mr. Rule leads a highly skilled team of earth science and finance professionals who enjoy a worldwide reputation for resources investment management. Sprott US is now growing once more, and Rick says they are having a spectacularly good time. Rick offers his no-obligation portfolio review if you want to email him your tickers (no attachments) to rankings@sprottglobal.com

Rick believes we are in a very healthy mergers and acquisitions cycle for the Gold space - View here.

Rick Rule talks to us about patience, investing cycles, and speculating within the resource markets - View here.

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