As the only moderator here at CEO.CA for a long period of time, users knew exactly who took the mod action. Whether the mod actions were warranted or not, they were consistent coming from the one source. It was easy for users to address me directly if further clarification was needed.  Most will have noticed by now that we have community moderators and I've been fielding a lot of messages from users who are trying to get a better understanding of who took the mod action and why.  

The Who 

As of now we have decided to keep the three community moderators anonymous, so the "who" can't be answered. This may change in the future.  The community mods are active users of the site and were hand picked by me and users may hold me to account for all mod actions.  

The Why

Below are the Community Moderator Guidelines and Mod Decision Flow Chart.  All mod actions must be taken in accordance with these guidelines. Transparency in mod decisions is important for community members to understand mod actions. Otherwise users will inevitably feel slighted and unjustly moderated. 

If you would like a mod action reviewed, for now I ask that you please flag the @Admin post detailing the penalty and provide feedback as to why you feel the penalty unwarranted. 

As always best of luck out there,

Chris @Vaughan, 

CEO.CA Moderator (Hall-Monitor-in-Chief)