WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2023 / MMJ BioPharma Cultivation, MMJ BioPharma Labs, and MMJ International Holdings are the premier triad of cannabis companies focused on developing a marijuana-derived pharmaceuticals for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Huntington's disease (HD). MMJ has two Investigational New Drug (IND) applications filed with the FDA to conduct its clinical trials and drug development. The FDA has awarded MMJ an orphan award for its cannabis Huntington's studies.

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Last week MMJ BioPharma Cultivation's attorney, Megan Sheehan, was forced to sue the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the US Court of Appeals over what it calls "exponential delays" in the application process that has hamstrung the companies business, medical research and stymied clinical trials that would benefit suffering patients. MMJ BioPharma Cultivation's petition is asking the federal court to order the DEA to act within 60 days as mandated by President Biden's Marijuana Research and Expansion Act.

The DEA's federal mandate is security, divergence and not to inhibit the manufacturing of a drug that may help patients suffering from chronic diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington's disease.

A Clueless Bureaucracy or a Blatant Lie?

Under questioning by Congressman Matt Geatz, the DEA Administrator Ann Milgram represented the fact that a letter was sent to the HHS secretary concerning rescheduling of marijuana.
U.S. Representative Gaetz questioned:

"I believe it is important for the DEA to be transparent with Congress regarding where the process of marijuana stands. Therefore, in order for the House Committee on the Judiciary to continue oversight of this matter, I request the following information and answers to the following questions by September 15, 2023:"

"Provide a copy of the letter you referenced that President Biden sent to the Secretary of HHS and the Attorney General asking that the process of rescheduling marijuana begin."

"Have you asked HHS for its timeline for getting you its recommendation on the descheduling of marijuana? If so, what was HHS' response?"

"In the case that you received a timeline, provide that timeline."

The link below is of DEA Administrator Ann Milgram's testimony at a Congressional DEA Oversight Committee hearing:



Is this the same treatment MMJ has received from the DEA?

Below is the freedom of information (FOIA) request response to Attorney Matthew Zorn regarding the letter mentioned by DEA Administrator Ann Milgram.

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MMJ'S Legal Grounds are Indisputably Solid.

The DEA is appropriately cast in the role of the villain. The conduct of the Agency has been as appalling as it is inexplicable. They have run interminably. This complaint assures they can no longer hide. The day of reckoning is at long last at hand.

Tim Moynahan, chairman of MMJ Biopharma Cultivation, stated, "Not only has The DEA been acting contrary to the honored tradition of "do no harm," but paradoxically, by its inactivity it is actively preventing the development of medicines that will ameliorate pain and reduce suffering.

"It is obstructing the universal right to enjoy lives worth living for countless numbers of our fellow human beings and their families, and it is violating our sacred prerogative ‘to be free from want.' This utter disregard of human rights occurs in totalitarian countries, we must never let it happen here. The DEA was created to advance the public interest not to ignore or frustrate it."

Duane Boise, MMJ CEO, stated, "That is our story which we must actively proclaim and proliferate. Our case is not merely against a clueless bureaucracy, or the interminable snarls of red tape, not just in opposition to the uncaring and inept, it is for the triumph of ingenuity and persistence in concert with a compassionate government to do the greatest good for the greatest number.

Boise continued, "Under this banner let us go forth to rally allies of shared values to our side. They are everywhere. We will get this done."

MMJ is represented by Attorney Megan Sheehan of Rhode Island.

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