PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2023 / The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Searchlight Resources (OTCQB:SCLTF)("the Company"), a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focused on Saskatchewan, Canada, which has been ranked as the top location for mining investment in Canada by the Fraser Institute. Chairman and VP of Corporate Development, Alf Stewart, joined Stock Day host Kevin Davis.

Davis began the interview by asking about the Company's background and current projects. "Searchlight is involved in the exploration for critical metals elements, which are elements that power our modern society and more importantly the transition to renewable energy and green transportation," explained Stewart. "We are doing that in the best jurisdiction for these commodities in North America, in our view - Saskatchewan, Canada."

"What is Searchlight's value proposition?", asked Davis. "Searchlight is a very inexpensive stock," said Stewart. "We have just recently listed on the OTCQB and the company has expanded its portfolio dramatically," he shared. "We have had excellent results in the field of exploring for rare earths and uranium; we have completed surface surveys and have uncovered interesting targets for both," said Stewart. "We are expanding our portfolio dramatically and we are at the drill ready stage for five different projects since Saskatchewan."

"How has your company fared since your last interview with Stock Day in October of 2020?", asked Davis. Stewart elaborated on the potential and prolific history of Saskatchewan as a mining district. "We did a survey and found a huge target for uranium and rare earth elements, which included rare earth grades amongst the highest in the world."

"The United States has essentially nominal uranium production," said Stewart, adding that the US currently imports a majority of its uranium. "Saskatchewan is the leading uranium supplier in North America," he explained. "Saskatchewan will likely continue to supply the United States with uranium in a major way over the next decade."

"What are your plans for the next year?", asked Davis. "Our plan is to continue exploring on our properties," said Stewart, before elaborating on Canada's short field seasons. "Over the next year we hope to deliver news of the grades of uranium and rare earth metals we are finding on our properties," he said. "Later in the year, we hope to be announcing our drilling programs and drilling results."

To close the interview, Stewart encouraged listeners and shareholders to keep up-to-date on the Company's current and upcoming announcements as they continue to expand their portfolio and advance mining projects in a historically prolific mining district.

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Searchlight Resources Inc. (TSXV:SCLT, OTCQB:SCLTF) is a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focused on Saskatchewan, Canada, which has been ranked as the top location for mining investment in Canada by the Fraser Institute. Exploration focus is on battery minerals and gold throughout the province, concentrating on projects with nearby infrastructure.

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