Price Chopper/Market 32 today announced that it is strengthening its partnership with Invafresh, the industry leading fresh grocery platform, to increase sales, reduce food waste and deliver an improved experience to in-store teammates and customers in its produce, bakery, deli, meat and seafood departments.

By integrating vast amounts of in-store production data into the AI-enhanced Fresh Retail Platform, Invafresh has helped Price Chopper/Market 32 to forecast intelligently and accurately, replenish orders, plan production, and manage inventory. Through the Invafresh partnership, Price Chopper/Market 32 can proactively address the food waste challenge and deliver a fresher experience to its customers.

“With Invafresh we have increased sales by improving on-shelf availability and have reduced food waste by having fresher products. Because of Invafresh's reliable and easy-to-use application, our in-store teammates can redeploy their time to customer-facing activities, which has led to an overall better shopping experience for our customers,” said Jody Plonski, Senior Vice President of Operations at Price Chopper/Market 32. “Our partnership with Invafresh has helped to prevent 20 tons of fresh food from being wasted each week across our store operations. Invafresh is a key contributor to helping us achieve our sustainability goals, so strengthening our partnership was the right decision for Price Chopper/Market 32 and the communities we serve.”

“Price Chopper/Market 32 has been at the forefront of the food waste reduction movement, and we are proud that our technology has played a role in that,” said Tim Spencer, Chief Executive Officer at Invafresh. “We know that most problems in Fresh are related to forecasting the constant shifts in demand and the need to optimize and match supply and availability. With the intelligent forecasting and real-time analytics capabilities of our Fresh Retail Platform, Price Chopper/Market 32 has been able to address those problems and make a measurable impact on the food waste front.”

“Moving to the Cloud with Invafresh will provide us with real-time analytics and compliance reporting, as well as enhanced forecasting capabilities,” said Patrick Iannotti, Director of Retail Operations at Price Chopper/Market 32. “The modern user interface is both highly configurable and intuitive, making it easy to use by our in-store teammates, resulting in improved labor efficiencies. With Invafresh we have an accurate view of our Fresh operations data, which allows us to take the right actions to provide the best possible experience to our customers.”

About Invafresh

With a combined 500+ years of Freshology experience, the heritage of Invafresh has enabled fresh food retailers to create extraordinary store operations performance and differentiated customer experiences. As the leader of Freshology, Invafresh is deployed across more than 350 grocery retailers and convenience stores, spanning a global reach of 35 countries with over $100 million of Fresh revenue being transacted daily, to provide AI/ML demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and sustainability and compliance. Learn more at

About Price Chopper/Market 32

Based in Schenectady, NY, Price Chopper/Market 32 operates 130 Price Chopper and Market 32 grocery stores and one Market Bistro, employing 18,000 teammates in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The American-owned company, founded by the Golub family in 1932, prides itself on longstanding traditions of innovative food merchandising, cutting edge brand development and store design, leadership in community service, and cooperative employee relations. For additional information, please visit