Just one more step in the right direction. 

I went home this weekend for Mother's Day. Cooked her some filet mignon, brussel sprouts  with bacon and blue cheese, scallop potatoes and served with some dinner rolls. My mom raised five boys and needs to be treated right. I digress. 

I wrote a little bit in my last article of where I grew up. Middle of the bush with my four brothers. I decided to document a little more on this podcast journey for anyone that cares but thought this was a good opportunity to give you an idea of how secluded my childhood home actually is. 

In this minute and a half clip I just talk quickly about what I would have done differently with my first in person interview that a recorded by myself. I did do an in person interview with Silver X Mining back in February when I was down in Peru. However, they had a camera crew and I just needed to show up. This interview was just me and this may be the largest company I have had on the podcast to date with a market cap of roughly $800 million!

Last week I interviewed Ewan Downie, a rather well known name in the industry. He was the founder of Wolfden Resources Inc. and served as the President and CEO from 1995 to 2007. It was acquired by Zinifex Limited for approximately $345 million in 2007. Zinifex is a major zinc, lead and silver producing company with its head office in Melbourne, Australia. 

Ewan then continued on with Premier Gold Mines. Which he also sold to Equinox Gold. The history is long with this Greenstone project. But long story short, many people were not sure if this project was ever going to progress and make it to production. But Premier got acquired by Equinox Gold and Orion Mine Finance Group and the team at Equinox is committing to bringing the Greenstone project to production. It will be one of the largest producers in Canada with an expected completion date of 2024 with a mine life of 14 years. 

Premier Gold got acquired but Ewan kept the Nevada assets from that company and spun out I-80 Gold. There is quite a bit going on with this company after it made a significant deal with Nevada Gold Mines. For those that do not know, Nevada Gold Mines is a joint venture partnership with Barrick Gold and Newmont. So Ewan has dealt with major companies multiple times in his career and this deal with Nevada Gold Mines was rather impressive. 

Here is the full conversation with Ewan explaining their assets and elaborates more about the deal with Nevada Gold Mines. Hope you enjoy!

I do not hold a position in I-80 Gold and they have not compensated me in anyway for this interview. I just wanted the opportunity to speak to this impressive businessman in person and give me the opportunity to try out my new camera!

I-80 Gold: https://www.i80gold.com