Interview with Gary Thompson, President & CEO of Brixton Metals (TSX-V: BBB)

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For a junior miner, Brixton Metals has a lot of moving parts. They have 4 100% owned assets. They have re-focused away from Hog Heaven on are back on to Thorn and Atlin after the market decided not to reward them for the drill efforts at Hog Heaven. Recent drill results show. So how much of there recent move in share price is down to them and how much is just a strong precious metals market? Thompson gives us his view.

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We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • The Big Picture; Company Focus Taking a Shift?
  • Hog Heaven: Issues, Value, & Options
  • Thorn Project: New Focus, Plan & Operations
  • Shift to Langis Mine: News Release, Great Results
  • Changes to Company Structure & Team Expansion

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