Interview with Mark Selby, CEO of Canada Nickel Company. Going Public in January on TSX-V.

When Napoleon Bonaparte was criticised for winning battles because of luck, he is reported to have replied something along the lines of, ‘I’d rather have lucky Generals than good ones’. The mining sector can be said to have had a few lucky Generals and over the past 30-40 years, some have been very lucky. I think of Voises Bay. Luck in mining isn’t just about finding economic grades at scale, it is also very much about timing. If your company doesn’t hit the market at the right point in the demand curve, you’re going to be waiting and hoping you don’t run out of cash while you wait. Look at Uranium as a great case in point.

And although Nickel is hot at the moment, you still need to pick the right horse. You need economic scale; preferably 1Bn tonne type scale.

Selby thinks he has scale, timing, knowledge and access to strategic partners who want to use Nickel to enter the battery market, so this could be an interesting ride. Listen to his plan to deliver an accelerated and large return for shareholders.

Interview highlights:

  • Company Overview
  • The Asset: What do They Have and What is Canada Nickel Going to do Differently?
  • Accelerating the Time Frame: A PFS on the Horizon?
  • Potential Risks and Roadblocks
  • Fund Raise: How Far Will the Money Take Them? Who was Interested in Investing?
  • Competition and Similar Project Valuations
  • Company Financials: Shares Held by the Management and Remuneration
  • Overview of the Press Release: Scale, Potential and Monetisation of Bi-products
  • Going Public and How People Can Get Involved

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