Interview with James Withall, CEO of Rupert Resources (TSX-V:RUP)

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Some of the best gold drill results in the market of the past couple of months. Ex Fund managers charting a course for success in Finland and the market is listening.

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • Hopes & Dreams VS True Value: Share Price & Growth Potential
  • Business Journey; Why did the Market Believe in Rupert Resources?
  • Notions of Mining in Finland
  • New Potential, New Problems: Focus & Strategy
  • Timing the Market & Monetizing it
  • "Take the Money When it's There"; Time for a Raise?
  • Allocation of Current Funds
  • The Mill; Overview, Plans, & Costs
  • M&A Considerations
  • Timeline for Growth and Deliverables 

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