Interview with a candid Jeff Klenda, President & CEO of Uranium producer, Ur-Energy (TSX: URE, NYSE: URG).

Ur-Energy is one of the two companies that submitted the Section 232 Petition to the US government, Department of Energy. Klenda tells us why he felt it was the right thing to do at the time. And with an announcement expected this week, he expresses his hopes for the Nuclear Fuels Working Group decision.

Klenda is a forthright speaker and doesn't shy away from the reality of the numbers in the market and for Ur-Energy. Klenda is clear about how long Ur-Energy can run before it needs to go to market and raise more capital. We discuss the implications of cost cutting, inventories and dwindling contracts for Ur-Energy.

Klenda also opens up about his peers and some of the barriers and hurdles that they will have to overcome.

Interview highlights:

  • Company Overview
  • Section 232: Drivers Leading to the Petition
  • DOE Announcement: $150M Distributed How and For What?
  • Business Plan: Decisions, Cost Cutting Measures and 2019 Sales & Inventory
  • Contracts vs Spot and the Likelihood for Junior Company Funding
  • Value Creation and Moving Forwards: Where Will UR-Energy sit in 2021?
  • Struggles Fuelling M&A Talks: A Look at the Unfolding Situation

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