Welcome everyone to the CEO.ca 2019 Stock Picking Contest

Here is a quick video explaining the rules as things have slightly changed for 2019 (pardon the quality, as I whipped this up quick)

Rules: (See video for explanations)

  1. Pick three companies
  2. Must be on a North American Exchange ie. CSE, Venture, TSX, Nasdaq, NYSE etc.
  3. Minimum Stock Price must be 3 cents
  4. Must be trading ie. not halted
  5. Deadline is January 6th, 2019
  6. Enter your information following the same method below - don't forget to link the #StockPickingContest so I can find it as well as type BUY:XXXX where XXXX is the company name. It will then ask you to confirm your submission

If you are not familiar with Papertrades, it is a new intuitive with CEO.ca - check out @murats post on how to use it.

I apologize but I will not be doing the SafestStockContest or the BonusPickShowDown this year as it was just too much work. For 2019, I wanted to keep it simple.

Eric Coffin is once again going to cover the costs of the 2018 CEO.ca mugs to all the winners (Top 50) so a real big thank you to him. Eric, runs the HRA-Advisories and I highly recommend subscribing as its worth every penny. He is also part of the Metal Investors Forum (MIF) - the next one being in Vancouver Friday Jan. 18, 2019 

The 2018 Stock Picking Contest did not go so well:

Check out these sobering statistics! The top 11 companies CEO.ca users picked in the 2018 Stock Contest. I will note though, some of these stocks ($GGI  $HIVE) almost doubled before they began their tumble.  

Lets move on from 2018 - I hope we all do much better in 2019. To aid you in finding companies check out these watchlists @mathematics and I put together at my site http://epstatistics.com/  <- try clicking on a company to see more information. I will be including 3 new watch lists next week

  1. Lithium
  2. Vanadium
  3. E-Sports

Stay safe my friends!