Its that time of year again!

Pick your 3 favorite stocks and go toe to toe with thousands of users to see who is best!

*Please read the rules as I am making a few slight changes this year*

Anyone can join, and remember this is all in good fun. 

Write your picks in a public channel like these examples:

Here are the rules 

  1. Pick 3 companies (must all be different)
  2. NEW! Must be on one of these Canadian Exchanges  (CNSX, Venture,  or TSX)
  3. NEW! Minimum price is 5 cents CAD. (If you choose one lower, starting price will be 5 cents)
  4. Must be currently trading on start date Jan 4th, 2021 (ie not halted) 
  5. Deadline to get picks entered is Jan 4th, 2021 6:29 AM pacific time (just before market open)
  6. Starting Price will be the price at close Dec 31st, 2020
  7. Tag #StockPickingContest and do it from a Public channel, as private channels do not copy over and I will not see it
  8. If the company is bought out or merges etc, I take the final price before the change. I keep it simple. Don't make my life hard!
  9. No warrants ( -wt ) or anything like that, if I see them, I'll just choose the regular company shares to make it easy and fair
  10. Contest ends Dec 31, 2021 at market close.
  11. Prices are taken from Yahoo. Sometimes the price will be 1/2 cent different from other sites which can be 10% if you chose a 5 cent stock. I will take what price Yahoo gives me, if you think there is a mistake, notify me asap. Do not wait until the contest is near over - that will be too late. 
  12. In the event of a tie [Most positive picks win] if still tied, [multiple each company gain/loss together - whoever is highest wins]
  13. Volume of trading must exceed $100,000 over the course of the year

The yearly contest has seen exponential growth year over year and all data is tracked and updated weekly at my website

  • 2016 Stock Contest Contestants = 47
  • 2017 Stock Contest Contestants = 126
  • 2018 Stock Contest Contestants = 426
  • 2019 Stock Contest Contestants = 894
  • 2020 Stock Contest Contestants = 1,493
  • 2021 Stock Contest Contestants = ?, ???

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Best of luck everyone, now lets go have some fun!
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