The 2020 summer #StockPickingContest was a first in many respects. It was the first 3 month contest (previous contests were yearly), the first summer contest, and the first time we had bonus prizes.

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1,445 contestants entered the contest. Of those, 830 contestants joined the bonus prizes. I personally private messaged each contestant to invite them into the bonus prize section. If they agreed to provide me their email address so I could share it with select companies that could disseminate their news flow, they then would be added to the bonus prizes. With the help of these companies, I was able to provide higher quality prizes.

Thirty 1-ounce silver coins (~$33 CAD each), two 10-ounce silver stackers (~ $350 CAD each) and one 1-ounce gold coin (~$2,700).

The rules are simple! You essentially pick 3 stocks on any North American exchange above 5 cents, and whomever has the highest average wins.

Mind Blowing Statistics:

The contest commenced June 21st, and finished September 21st.  When the dust settled, 126 people had more than doubled, and 914 contestants had gains of over 10%.

Contestant Performance 

1,445 contestants

Out of 1,445 contestants, we had 408 Hat Tricks, where all 3 picks are positive. Of those, 93 more than doubled! 

Hat Trick Winners (all three picks are positive)

To put these statistics into perspective, in the 2018 contest, only 31 of the 431 contestants ended the year with a positive portfolio. 

Out of 1,038 different companies chosen in the contest, 119 of them doubled (more than 10%) and 33 of them tripled.

Best performing companies from June 21 to Sept 21, 2020

Unfortunately, looking at the Most Picked Companies in the contest, we see that once again, they've continued to disappoint.

Only 1 of the top 20 most picked companies performed to expectation and another 4 did relatively well. The rest performed rather poorly.

Most Picked Companies in the contest

The summer contest was a great success and these were by far the best contestant performances we have had since I started doing this. The contest has grown in size exponentially each year and its been an awesome undertaking. I've learned so much from you all and I thank you for your time, patience, and teachings.

Remember, we are in a penny stock bull market and everyone currently feels smart. Heck, 60% of contestants this time around made over 10% in 3 months; its really difficult to not feel smart. Be careful! The goal of the game is to stay in the game. Consistency is your friend!

Feel free to compare this contest to previous ones.

2020 (1,493 contestants - still ongoing)

2019 (894 contestants):

2018 (431 contestants):

2017 (146 contestants) :

I'd like to thank the following companies for supporting the Contest.

  • Fireweed Zinc Ltd.
  • Osprey Gold Development Ltd.
  • Heatherdale Resources Ltd.
  • Dolly Varden Silver Corp.
  • Vizsla Resources Corp
  • Minera Alamos inc.
  • FPX Nickel Corp
  • Impact Silver Corp

In my final notes, I'd like to remind everyone the yearly 2020 StockPickingContest is still currently underway and we will have an update this Friday.  

2020 (1,493 contestants)

I still believe I will finish top 10 again this year ;p

The 2021 contest will start around December 15th, 2020. Look for a contest article around that time. 

Until then, best regards my friends.

Stay healthy, stay positive, and stay savvy!

With gratitude;