Everywhere I went in October the favorite topics of conversation were Novo and Garibaldi (in that order). Questions such as "What do you think of Novo here?" "How high can Garibaldi climb?" "How many ounces do you think Novo has?" "Do you think Garibaldi is real?" were heard over and over again from Vancouver to New Orleans to Palm Beach. 

At some point in mid-October another momentum darling, HIVE Blockchain (TSX-V:HIVE), entered the fray and caught a great deal of attention. HIVE shares would proceed to gain more than 200% over the course of 3 weeks from October 12th to November 3rd (after already being up ~500% since it began trading on September 18th):

HIVE.V (October 12 - November 3 2017)

And make no mistake there was plenty of envy to go around as these stocks made new highs on virtually a daily basis. However, one thing you can be sure of in markets is that the pendulum swings both ways; when it has swung powerfully to one side you can be sure it will swing back the other way, it's just a matter of time. 

“Investment markets follow a pendulum-like swing: between euphoria and depression, between celebrating positive developments and obsessing over negatives, and thus between overpriced and underpriced,” ~ Howard Marks

Another rule of markets is that the air comes out much faster on the way down than it went in on the way up. In the case of GGI and HIVE this rule has proven to be very true, while NVO hasn't had a great November by any means it has held up much better than Garibaldi and HIVE:

GGI.V (Daily - 5 Months)

HIVE.V (Daily - 3 Months)

NVO.V (Daily - 5 Months)

November has been the month of air being released quickly and violently from the highest flying Venture stocks. While Novo Resources is well off its highs, Novo bulls should take some respite from the fact that other high flyers have been sold mercilessly (you can throw other names such as GT Gold and Patriot One into that mix). After all a ~25% correction after a ~1,000% rally isn't exactly an unusual or unexpected event. 

There is another market 'theory' (it's probably more than a theory and more like a fact at this point) which states that money rotates from the latest hot sector(s) to the next hot sector(s). The uranium sector and NexGen Energy (TSX:NXE) specifically were the hot places to be at the beginning of 2017, and after an eight month decline which saw share prices cut nearly in half money is beginning to flow back into NXE and uranium stocks again:

NXE.TO (Daily - 5 Months)

It's probably not a complete coincidence that NXE's rise (and the uranium sector as a whole) has occurred nearly simultaneously with GGI/HIVE/NVO's declines. 

NXE bulls will feel good this Thanksgiving as the market pendulum has begun to swing back in their favor and appears to have more room to run. However, GGI/HIVE/NVO bulls (I only group them together because they were momentum favorites at exactly the same time) will be trying to figure out if the pendulum is done swinging the wrong way. In at least one of those names my guess is that it isn't....

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