The truth is that if I was looking for a sure thing I sure as hell wouldn't buy a junior mining stock.

The truth is that if I was looking for an investment with a probable degree of success I wouldn't buy a junior mining stock.

The truth is that most of the companies in the junior mining sector either fail miserably or wallow in mediocrity while burning through shareholder capital.

The truth is that the longer shareholders wait for assays, the more likely that those assay results will be disappointing.

The truth is that about once every ten years the junior mining sector will endure a long cold winter and share prices will drop 90%+ across the board.

The truth is that there is no rush like a gold rush and the gains during a bull market run in the junior mining sector can be life changing for those who are well positioned.

The truth is that if you can pick 1 out of 5 winners in junior mining you're a pretty damn good stock picker. Hopefully you're also good at cutting losses on the 4 losers, while making a 10-bagger on the winner. That part is as much luck as it is skill. (and don't kick yourself too hard if one of those 'losers' becomes a big winner later after you've sold your shares)

The truth is that the best promoters are the ones who can instill in you a vision of what things would look like if things went well, while leaving out all that could go wrong.

The truth is that the best junior mining CEOs are the ones who can paint an attractive picture of what they are trying to create, while also being honest about the reality of the situation as it is now, and the risks that are always present.

The truth is that junior mining is a team sport, and the best CEOs are skilled at assembling strong teams and then leading them effectively. No new discovery is ever a result of just one person.

The truth is that he who buys at the lowest prices stands to risk the least, and potentially make the most.

The truth is that if you like money you want to buy low and sell high. Not the other way around.

The truth is that most of us in this sector love the thrill of a new discovery and we aren't afraid to dream big while taking a lot of risk in the process.

The truth is that not every drill intercept needs to be reported in silver-equivalent grades.

The truth is that i'm not changing my handle to @Silverfinger 

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