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I have been a fan of Billy Joel since 1974 when Piano Man was released. Working as an elevator operator at the Plaza Hotel in New York (more celebrity stories at a later date), and living for a while in the upper East Side, I was intrigued to to find out that Joel used to hang out at Dangerfield's, who was a good friend of his at the time.

Dangerfield's was a few blocks from where I stayed, at 1st and 61st. Regrettably, a visit to the comedy club never happened. Two different trips to Max's Kansas City made up for the loss. Managed to walk by a couple of the New York Dolls, who appeared seven feet tall. Puffy mullets and platform shoes will do that.

Transferring Billy Joel and his band from the Bayshore Inn to the Vancouver Airport in December '82, was another hilarious occasion. The musicians smelled of you know what, as they giggled and stumbled into the van to patiently wait for the recently divorced Joel.

Billy was slowly saying goodbye to an enthusiastic fan from West Vancouver who looked like a cross between Elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley. A year or so later, when "Uptown Girl" was released, it had a special meaning and made sense, if you can imagine.

Back in the van, the musicians were killing me with one-liners. Gut wrenching sarcasm directed towards a roadie (he was not present), I will call "Bluto" based on the image portrayed, left me almost breathless with laughter. "He was too big to use the normal facilities." To which another musician replied: "As it is now, he uses the bathtub." That did it. Eight guys in convulsions, gasping for air.

Billy stepped into the front seat next to me, and upon catching up on the premise, said: "He needs soap just to fit IN the tub." The van full of Rodney's made their way down Granville Street, and the story puts a smile on my face to this day. Dangerfield lives. A few weeks back, Billy Joel did the full version of "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" on Jimmy Fallon. A few of the guys still play with him. I wondered if Bluto was backstage.

Dow 20,000, Gold 1400, Oil 50 and Silver Update

The Dow was down a few hundred points, and while billionaire Carl Icahn was screaming to sell, a man three times richer sees it differently.

Warren Buffett said that the economy may not be booming, and added that it's not falling apart either. He thinks the consumer is doing OK, and expects that to continue.

The gold bulls are feeling good with the price finally hitting $1,300. $50 oil looks better than ever too.

Silver is up around 29% for the year. Of all the uses, a surprising new one may be the demand in solar panels. If it's true that China and India need an additional quarter million panels, that would take 160 million (20 grams per unit) ounces out of the supply.

The CEO.CA crew have little to complain about. Fourteen stocks out of the BeckDex 50 hit new 52 week highs:


Talking our Books

I completely agree with this chart:

"Look for the recent rise in TSX Venture gold/silver explorers to continue in a major way over the next 6-12 months."

Popular stock CXO was up an astounding 311% for the month of April. SBB climbed 102%, while BAY inched up a healthy 67% in the last 30 days. If there is a better junior mining site anywhere in the world, please let me know. Until then, I'm sticking to this one.

The BergDex

Will this kind of performance over the last two months continue? I think so. Sooner or later, the investment community will be talking about Robert's talent that took almost four decades to develop.

This is how the rest of the BergDex performed for the week, starting with his 3 Globe and Mail picks from March 4:

- $LIX

March 03: 0.85

April 29: 1.32

Up 160%

- $PGM

March 03: 0.24

April 29: 0.53

Up 121%

- $NGZ

March 03: 0.045

April 29: .12

Up 167%

That's an average of 149% in 8 weeks to the entire Globe and Mail subscriber base.

Last week the BergDex added $XMG, and this week is adding $MAY and $IDM, and deleting $SXR and $UWE:

$MAY Meadow Bay Gold

Year High 0.265

Year Low 0.055

Last 0.12

Up 118%

$IDM IDM Mining

Year High 0.16%

Year Low 0.065

Last 0.14

Up 115%

Check out the returns on Robert's other picks from his tweet (plus 3 new stocks) on March 24th:

$BOL Up 120%, $CAP Up 50%, $EAM 76%, $GSH 132%, $NFR 150%, $NX 171%, WML Up 93%, WPQ Up 73% $XMG 61% (04/18) $MAY 0% (04/29) $IDM 0% (04/29)

That's a 84% gain on average over 11 stocks and if you add the Globe picks from March 4th, the exposure adds up to 98% each over the 14 stocks.

Serial Mine-Finder Baxter does it again with $IDI Indico

Once again, Takeover King Bob Baxter finds himself involved in the mother of all area plays, where the adjacent property has discovered what looks like a billion-plus tonne copper gold porphyry deposit. The irony is that Baxter's property will be producing in two years.

Private billionaire miner Guido Del Castillo is moving fast as usual on his 6th (5 privately owned) mine in Peru (he produces 270,000 plus ounces of gold per year - second largest in the country.)

- Del Castillo is well known as the fastest mine builder in Latin America.

- Guido will own 70 per cent of the project after spending USD $18.6-million

- He owns 40 million units of Indico at a price of 7.5 cents ($3-million)

A translated Peruvian article reported that Guido will process 30,000 tons of ore (open pit) per day by 2018 (27,000 tons of copper cathode per year), over a 10-year mine life.

This may change dramatically if Pembrook's oxides come into play.

Private explorer Pembrook (raised $56 mil in 5 years, all at $2.50 per share) and have drilled up to IDI's boundary. Pembrook has 150 million shares fully diluted for a perceived value of $375 mil. Unconfirmed rumours of shareholders mention names like Hochschild, Teck, Banco de Credito, and certain brokers in Vancouver and Toronto. There is no public information on this.

I would assume that due to the terrible market conditions over the last five years, that the sooner Pembrook IPOs -- or entertains an offer from someone like Newmont -- the better for patient shareholders looking for an exit strategy.

The significance of this to IDI is the presence of a large and growing Cu-Au porphyry resource which hugs their concession boundary. There is now plenty of evidence that the mineralization on IDI's concessions is part of the same large system that will probably give rise to a 1-billion-tonne plus resource.

IDI and Guido have all the infrastructure areas covered (100%, plus they have secured a 50-year lease) and have the best access (roads almost finished and culverts in). Pembrook is hemmed in by topography and poor access.

The market did not know (private company) until now that they have 429 million inferred tonnes (8.1 mil ounces gold, 3.31 Bil lbs copper, 1 Bil lbs Molybdenum, and 16 m oz silver).

These two deals may be separated by a boundary, yet they share the same geology.

"The drill program completed in 2015 has significantly advanced the Pecoy project resulting in an initial Inferred Resource estimate completed in February, 2016. The geologic and mineral modeling was completed utilizing guidelines outlined by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum’s “Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (NI 43-101)”, and has resulted in the generation of the first Pecoy Inferred Resource of 429 million tonnes @ 0.351% Cu, 0.011% Mo, 0.59g/t Au, 1.2g/t Ag (using a cutoff gyrade of 0.25% Cu) completed to NI 43-101 standards."

Pembrook MD&A:

IDI's market cap is $12.5 million

IDI 5 Year Trading: 65,999,712 shares or $9,898,477 dollar volume at average price of 0.15

Two good reasons why a Del Castillo-Indico joint venture will succeed:

1) Bob Baxter was the president and CEO of Norsemont Mining Inc. until April 2011, when he sold it to HudBay Minerals Inc. for C$520 million.

2) He sold Chariot Resources to China Sci-Tech Holdings for C$244.5 million.

The BeckDex 50

52 Week Highs


The List:


- If a shell had a change of business, only the opening price low is used.

- Two-year lows are used (majority bottomed in 2105)

The list is broken down into 3 categories: Under .25, Under .50, and Over .50

UNDER .25:

- $RLG West Red Lake Gold Mines

Year High 0.21

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.155

Up 1450%

- $NX Noka Resources

Year High 0.26

Year Low 0.025

Last 0.19

Up 660%

- $GSH Golden Share Mining

Year High 0.255 (New)

Year Low 0.03

Last 0.22 (New)

Up 622% (New)

- $JEM Jagercor Energy

Year High 0.08 

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.07

Up 600%

- $DMA DiaMedica

Year High 0.25

2014 Low 0.035

Last 0.22

Up 529%

- $HPL Horizon Petroleum

Year High 0.08 (New)

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.06

Up 500%

- $NGZ NRG Metals

Year High 0.175 

Year Low 0.02

Last 0.12

Up 500%

- $CAP Castle Peak

Year High 0.035

Year Low 0.005

Last 0.03

Up 500%

- $NFR Northern Freegold

Year High 0.215 (New)

Year Low 0.04

Last 0.20 

Up 400% (New)

- $HRT Harte Gold

Year High 0.345

Year Low 0.045

Last 0.23.5

Up 422%

- $EAM East Africa Metals

Year High 0.16 (New)

Year Low 0.03

Last 0.15 (New)

Up 400%

- $MCC Magor Corporation

Year High 0.315

Year Low 0.015

Last 0.075

Up 400%

- $KES Kessulrun Resources

Year High 0.11 

Year Low 0.02

Last 0.09

Up 350%

- $IDI Indico Resources

Year High 0.16

Year Low 0.02

Last 0.085

Up 325%

- $RST Rosita Mining

Year High 0.10

Year Low 0.01

Last 0.04

Up 300%

- $WKM West Kirkland Mining

Year High 0.14 (New)

Year Low 0.035

Last 0.135 (New)

Up 286%

- $WPQ WPC Resources

Year High 0.12 

Year Low 0.025

Last 0.095 

Up 280%

- $BOL Bold Ventures

Year High 0.055 (New)

Year Low 0.015

Last 0.055 (New)

Up 267% (New)

- $RMX Rubicon Minerals

Year High 1.485

Year Low 0.015

Last 0.05

Up 233%

- $MSD Moseda Technologies

Year High 0.365

Year Low 0.065

Last 0.20

Up 208%

- $XMG MGX Minerals

Year High 0.70

Year Low 0.08

Last 0.225

Up 181%

- $WLF Wolfden Resources

Year High 0.21

2014 Low 0.045

Last 0.115

Up 156%

- $GPH Graphite One Resources

Year High 0.16 

Year Low 0.065

Last 0.155

Up 138%

- $PRS.H Prism Resources

Year High 0.11

Year Low 0.04

Last 0.09

Up 125%

- $IDM IDM Mining

Year High 0.16% (New)

Year Low 0.065

Last 0.14 (New)

Up 115% (New)

- $SKE Skeena Resources

Year High 0.125

Year Low 0.055

Last 0.085

Up 55%

- $LAG Laguna Blends

Year High 0.40

Year Low 0.08

Last 0.105

Up 31%

- $IN InMed Pharmaceuticals

Year High 0.405

Year Low 0.10

Last 0.11

Up 10%

- $MRS

Year High 0.275

Year Low 0.05

Last 0.05

Up 0%

UNDER .50:

- $CXO Colorado Resources

Year High 0.395 (New)

Year Low 0.05

Last 0.39 (New)

Up 7700% (New

- $BAY Aston Bay Holdings

Year High 0.40 (New)

Year Low 0.08

Last 0.40 (New)

Up 400% (New)

- $NEV Nevada Sunrise Gold

Year High 0.38

Year Low 0.125

Last 0.285

Up 128%

- $GLH Golden Leaf Holdings

Year High 1.40

Year Low 0.24 (New)

Last 0.375

Up 56%

- $BTH Breathtec BioMedical

Year High 0.55

Year Low 0.37

Last 0.40

Up 8%

OVER .50:

- $GGS Golden Secret Ventures

Year High 0.62 (New)

Year Low 0.02

Last 0.62 (New)

Up 3000% (New)

- $WML Wealth Minerals

Year High 0.71 (New)

2014 Low 0.03

Last 0.53

Up 1666%

- $PGM Pure Gold Mining

Year High 0.55 

Year Low 0.07

Last 0.53 (New)

Up 657% (New

- $CRH CRH Medical

Year High 5.50

2014 Low 0.65

Last 4.06

Up 525%

- $SBB Sabina Gold & Silver

Year High 1.82 (New)

Year Low 0.30

Last 1.82 (New)

Up 507% (New)

- $LIX Lithium X Energy

Year High 2.85 

Year Low 0.35

Last 1.97


- $NXE NexGen Energy

Year High 2.78 

2015 Low 0.40

Last 2.25

Up 462%

- $CCY Catalyst Copper

Year High 0.56 

Year Low 0.10

Last 0.53

Up 430%

- $SSP Sandspring Resources

Year High 0.63 (New)

Year Low 0.11

Last 0.55 (New)

Up 400% (New)

- $PE Pure Energy

Year High 1.15 

Year Low 0.18

Last 0.84

Up 367%

- $LTE Lite Access Technologies

Year High 1.80

Year Low 0.39

Last 1.60

Up 310%

- $KRN Karnalyte Resources

Year High 4.15

Year Low 0.52

Last 1.78

Up 242%

- $KOR Corvus Gold

Year High 1.12 (New)

Year Low 0.33

Last 1.07 (New)

Up 224%

- $PTM Platinum Group Metals

Year High 7.40

Year Low 1.35

Last 4.15

Up 207%

- $TV Trevali Mining

Year High 1.24

Year Low 0.245

Last 0.62

Up 153%

- $MAG Mag Silver

Year High 16.33 (New)

Year Low 6.90

Last 16.28 (New)

Up 1.36%

- $BAR Balmoral Resources

Year High 1.22

Year Low 0.33

Last 0.70

Up 112%

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