I am working with an international gold dealer that has a couple of offerings that may be of interest to you.

1) 5- Year bond issue BBB- 9.75% Pct Per annum Semi-annual interest paid.

Assets: Physical Gold in Inventory or US Dollars held in bank accounts

The issuer is a Global Gold Arbitrage Dealer - Engaged in Metals Arbitrage

Zero Financial Leverage - Highly resilient business model

Contact for Term Sheet and Pitch Deck

For Summary terms follow the link below.



Gold Leasing. This is suitable for investors that want to assume gold price risk while at the same time earn quarterly interest.

The leasing rates are subject to change and the minimum is 5KG (smaller amounts may be possible. The 3-year lease is 8% per year.

Here is a link to a summary of terms.


Let me know if you wish to discuss further. Here is a link to my calendar if you wish to set up a call. Thanks James