February 6,2020 - As most of my readers know I spent a week in Vancouver the first week of the year. I navigated thru the relentless rain & wind and to top it off cold temperatures of which I was not prepared mentally nor physically.I was a literal drowned rat. However, the Mick #7 does not go down easy , he always goes down swinging and giving it my best effort. I have poured over my notes and think I have found an unknown gem of a Jr. Mining Company. In my humble opinion it has all the right ingredients to become a winner for those willing to get in early and have faith and add on dips if the opportunity presents itself.

The name of the company is Canasil, CLZ (Canadian Silver). It is a Silver exploration company that has been around a long time and it is very smartly and carefully run by its CEO , Bahman Yamini. I have following the sector for over 15 years and Bahman has been a fixture on the trade show circuits. I first met Bahman at a very important and in my eyes the #1 trade show, Beaver Creek, Colorado. I was quite impressed with his presentation and demeanor. He was careful to present the story with little fluff and hype. That is not in his DNA. What is however present is honesty, integrity and ethics.

In the coming weeks, I will bring you a closer look at why I feel this Junior company is top notch and worth taking a long look at. It has its flagship properties in a very safe jurisdiction surrounded by many majors who have working, profitable mines .In real estate is all about Location, Location , Location and Canasil sits in a very prospective & productive area. The other aspect I love about this company it has never had a rollback or dilutive financing. Mr.Yamini truly values his shareholders and takes care of them almost like family. He understands who he works for and that is rare in this industry in my opinion. My readers and subscribers know I am a people person and feel very strongly about investing in men of integrity and vision and Bahman fills that criteria for me in spades. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I present to you a true hidden gem of a Junior Miner, Canasil Resources.

Here are some key points regarding my interest in Canasil :

Shareholder focused management team – hold 15% of issued shares, have always invested alongside other shareholders- (Always very important for management to have skin in the game)

· Multiple projects in Mexico and BC located on major trends, close to operating mines and deposits (Right Location & Jurisdiction )

· Projects are 100% owned, no acquisition payments and obligations ( No royalties nor hidden fees)

· Projects selected for excellent access and infrastructure, safer jurisdictions and lower cost exploration ( Very Key  Attribute, Durango,     Zacatecas, Mexico.

· Local full time geological team in Mexico, close to the ground (Extremely Important to have locals employed to keep positive community relations)

· Several projects with significant expenditures to date with target potential for 100 MOz silver equivalent or 1 MOz gold equivalent ( Silver & Gold poised for huge reset with all the money printing by the Fed)

· Strong share structure, 104 M shares issued, 50% held by major private investors and institutional investors ( Institutions rarely sell till the story has played out)

· Average price of share issued to date: $ 0.215 per share (Investor opportunity to get in at 1/3 of average share price)

· Exploration expenditures on projects to date: $0.20 per share (includes third party expenditures)

· Target: large silver-gold-copper-zinc-lead mineralized systems with potential for low cost production

· 2% NSR on Sandra Escobar project sold to Pan American Silver, 1% buy-out for C$ 4 million

· Several drill ready projects, several with prior drilling defining high grade ore shoots, higher chances for positive drill results  (Neighbors-   First Majestic, Endeavour Silver, Mag Silver,  Fresnillo

· High discovery potential to drive project and share value (CLZ traded north of 70 cents a few short years ago)

IMHO Canasil is worth taking a long look at. Silver, the Poor Mans Gold is still trading well below 50% off its all-time high and has much room to run vs. Gold. Management is top notch and honesty & integrity are Bahman Yamini's strong suit. He is very well respected by peers and most importantly his shareholders as they are extremely loyal and know when the sector turns CLZ should get some much deserved attention and followers. The key to making big money in this sector is having the Patience of Job but also putting your money behind the right people and solid companies in safe jurisdictions. Follow along the Canasil story as I reveal more layers in the coming weeks.

Canasil- ClZ
Current Share Price  .07 Cents 
5 Year Range - .03- 72 cents
Market Cap - $ 7.2 Million

This article is not to be construed as investment advise. It is meant to draw your attention to a company I think would be worth doing your own due diligence on. Consult your professional financial adviser when making any investment decisions. Canasil Resources is one of many sponsors of my website.   www.kdblueskymarketing.com