What a view! The photo above is from my exclusive site visit to the Timok Magmatic Complex in Serbia. Within 48 hours, I saw:

  • trucks hauling ore and waste
  • drill rigs in action
  • a conveyor belt moving rocks that stretched for miles
  • a company looking to make the next big discovery in this district

That company is Mundoro Capital (MUN on the TSXV). I provide detailed analysis for why I think Mundoro is ripe for a big discovery in the region. I provide full transparency as well as a "Buy Target".  I think this report will be valuable to anyone interested in the region, even if they never buy shares in Mundoro:


This report was sent to my free email list on Monday February 10th, 2020. To my disbelief, Mundoro is trading slightly down since then ($0.155 CAD at the moment this mini-article was published). But that's all the more reason to pay attention now. Some of my best winners were neglected until the day of discovery. Keep this in mind as you research.

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