What our charts look like - CEO.CA Pro

This is your chance to try CEO.CA's live market data for free a month. 

Save over $85 and experience the Canadian stock markets as professional investors do with live, unlimited market depth.

CEO.CA Pro is an emerging platform for insight on Canadian securities, offering complete level 2 information (live bids, asks, trades and broker information) in a proprietary visual interface.

Hundreds of global investors in Canada's markets are profiting from a speed and mobile advantage with CEO.CA Pro. 

Here are some real, unsolicited testimonials by our users for the Pro subscription that we gathered from public chat histories (names removed for privacy reasons):

  • "The real time graphic orderbook of ceo.ca pro ROCKS! [...] The gains are more than good for more than a whole annual subscription, book me in!"
  • "Have never seen more user friendly and visually intuitive charts. [...] I've had at least 4 of my friends/family members who recently started trading switch over to the ceo lvl 2 because it's simply better."
  • "The way it's set up is user friendly and has that eye appeal to it. Easy on the PC and solid lvl2 for the mobile"
  • "...net more than a year worth of pro subscription in a single trade. Love L2."
  • "Lurking here, enjoying the chat. L2 plus ceo.ca layout is phenomenal"
  • "Like a veil has been lifted... I paid for the next 6 months of subscription in less than 3 minutes"

See the about page for a live demo. Here is a a Youtube video of the live charts (sped up):

More user feedback:

  • "I sometimes forget that 95% on this site don’t see what we see. Invaluable tool this #CEOpro" 
  • "CEO.ca is by far the single most useful tool in my investment analysis arsenal. Yesterday when having lunch with a junior mining CEO I pulled out my phone and showed him the app. I had all the key info on his company including the level 2 market depth within 30 seconds and he couldn't believe it."
  • "Can you license the live depth charts to others as a revenue stream. It is the best tool I have seen."
  • "CEO's L2 data is the most lovely thing I've ever seen."
  • "when I traded with it over the past couple months, it was 100% invaluable, plus the way it's shown graphically is very tidy."
  • "Fully agree on the value of ceo.ca Pro. Have had it for about 4 months now and have been blown away by how important live data is for that first 15 minutes of trading."
  • "Lvl 2 on this site is an amazing tool"
  • "for now and the future #CEOpro is a great L2 investment".
  • "Same here, I have ceo pro for CSE and very happy client"
  • "I mainly trade Canadian equities and if u trade small caps then $80 or $90 a month is well worth it for the L2. Disclosure: I am not a ceo.ca employee just a happy #ceopro user"
  • "CEO PRO is the single best tool of you are trading Canadian equities. I am not going back to quotestream will probably just get IHub L2 for my US trading"
  • "Very Pleased with CEO PRO, Thank you, Great investment tool!"
  • "This pro subscription is magnificent during trading hours"
  • "The updates with L2 and data have been fantastic. "

Having confidence in our product, we want to offer a free trial to the first 50 people who request an invite by commenting below this article. 

Besides offering our product for free, we will also pay for your exchange fees for the first month.

Notes: Only users who haven't previously signed up for CEO.CA Pro are eligible.  Your account must be in good standing, we may reject trolls or duplicate accounts. TSXV and CSE exchanges are included in the trial. Credit card is required to take the trial. You will not be charged in the first month but on the second month will recur at your local rate (Approx $85/month). You can easily cancel anytime.

Why you will love CEO.CA Pro:

  1. Visual market depth - gain a broad understanding of the L2 spread at a quick glance. No need to sift through tedious tables of numbers.
  2. Visual order age - the older a bid or ask, the darker it is. This gives you a visual understanding of how much of the activity is recent vs. how much of the orders have been sitting stale for a while. Seeing lots of bright green or red instantly means there is action going on.
  3. Mouse (or touch) hovers - you can see the full details of every single order (or trade) within a second by hovering over it. If you see a big wall show up, it might be meaningful to see which house it came from.
  4. Real-time updates - no need to refresh the page just to see changes in market depth. During active trading hours, you can watch the live charts animate in real-time, allowing you to react to changes as fast as you possibly can.
  5. Insight into activity on Alternative Trading Systems - albeit 15 minutes delayed, it can be useful to see the L2 bids & asks sitting on ATS's. We have every ATS in Canada except TMX Alpha. Most useful part of this is to see total volume, since almost half of all Canadian trading activity happens on ATS's.
  6. Daily real-time VWAP (volume weighted average price)

The majority of our features are user requests. The #feedback page is what makes this website tick.

Here are some additional benefits:

  1. Ability to hide your username from the online list on company channels - keep your trading/DD activity secret
  2. Real-time & historical house positions (both the main exchanges & ATS exchanges) - an important tool for DD
  3. New tab on homepage showing all channels with most people online
  4. Access to Pros-only private channel
  5. ***many new features we are working on that will be exclusive to Pro subscribers
What a competitor's L2 quote looks like (BMO Investorline)
vs. our CEO.CA Pro

So if you've been curious about our Pro subscriptions but couldn't justify the additional costs, this is your chance to take it for a spin.

Comment below to get your name in!

Free trials will be assigned later this week. If this becomes a success we will happily do a second round of free trials as soon as we can.