First thing is first: the bad news...

CEO.CA Pro will be more expensive than we promised.

Turns out, there is no way we can make it cost $50 per month. This is due to fees, per subscriber per month, that we need to pay TSX & CSE on behalf of our users. We would like to clarify that in the financial data business, there is no way to get around the exchange fees. Period. This is why we decided to let users pick which exchanges they'd like to enable. Monthly pricing breakdown below.

We screwed up
CEO.CA Pro base cost        $50 (goes to us)
CSE Level 2 +$2 (goes to CSE)
TSX Level 2 +$36 (goes to TSX)
TSX Venture Level 2 +$30 (goes to TSX)

You pick the exchanges relevant to you, and we plan to add more exchanges soon. Note pricing may change slightly prior to launch, as we're still figuring this out.

So... Higher price to pay? I personally translate that as "The product needs to be four times as good".

CEO.CA will be a social stock portfolio hub.

If we want to up our game, we need to go full throttle on what makes this site fun: social investing.

It is clear at this point that people like sharing their stock picks on this site. Albeit selectively. So why don't we build the product to cater to these two use cases: building categorized personal company watchlists, and optionally sharing them with others.

By combining the social aspect of chat, and the real-time financial data visualizations, I believe that we can turn CEO.CA into a social portfolio hub, where users can opt-in to publicly share parts of their portfolios, and subscribe to other users' public portfolios. And if we get this right, nothing would hold us back from letting users run their own subscription businesses over CEO.CA by charging their subscribers to receive access to private portfolios/watchlists.

Real-time Level 2 Data

Most of you have probably heard of our market depth charts by now. We know that the current internet & browser technology allows us to do much more interesting things than showing the users tables of numbers. We believe that we can save users time by making information comprehensible at a glance, instead of clicking & scrolling through tedious tables.

The charts update live with less than a second of delay. You will be able to watch your own trades pop up on the charts, the moment you make them through your broker.

The charts that we have been demoing are only the beginning. We will continue experimenting with new charts, dashboard views that combine multiple live charts, alerts, and ability to playback past market depth activities.


We have been doing our best to stick to the original plan of a Nov 1st launch of the Level 2 Market Depth chart, however the additional pressure to deliver a really good product convinced us to delay it a bit. Now that the price is higher, we really need to make it good. If all goes well, we will be done within a few weeks, hopefully before the end of the month.

I just wanted to update everyone, and provide an explanation for why the price has gone up, and what it means for us.

Thank you everyone for making this community what it is. We would be a boring old stock data app if it weren't for all of you.