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Today’s emerging technologies and lifestyle megatrends are creating billion dollar opportunities for disruptive innovation in how we live, work and play. Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry thought leaders shaping our world today, and in the decades ahead:

NuRAN Wireless (OTC: NRRWF) (CSE: NUR) CEO Francis Letourneau:
“Bringing Wireless Connectivity to Africa is Billion Dollar Opportunity for NuRAN”
NuRAN Wireless (OTC: NRRWF) (CSE: NUR) CEO Francis Letourneau, a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK investors livestream is bringing wireless connectivity to Africa, enabling communications and internet for the last great untapped market of over 1 billion population. Francis shares how NRRWF’s contracts with blue chip global telecom partners, position the company on path for over $220 million in annual recurring revenue, and potential billion dollar market valuation in the coming years.
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NRRWF provides telecom operators in Africa a turnkey “Network as a Service” (NaaS) infrastructure solution, specializing in rural and remote areas. NRRWF has developed carrier-grade mobile networks, and towers using solar power that are ideally suited for rural and remote environments in developing economies such as Africa where 300 million people have zero mobile coverage. Mobile connectivity in the developing world is a vital lifeline for healthcare, jobs, trade and education. NRRWF currently has contracts in place with blue chip telcom’s like Orange S.A. for services in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and with MTN Group in South Sudan for 2,492 sites, which it is now rolling out. These initial 10 year contracts are expected to generate $50 million annual revenues with EBITDA of 50%.

NRRWF plans to roll out to at least 10,000 mobile telecom sites in Africa over the next 5 years, which is expected to generate $220 million annual revenues with $110 million EBITDA. At typical multiples in the sector, this could value NRRWF at over $1 billion.
NRRWF has a pipeline of about 15,000 potential sites in Africa, and is also targeting similar contracts in Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. NRRWF is now in the early stages of its deployment, with a long runway of growth in the months ahead.
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April 15 - NRRWF signs $60 million contract, for Network As A Service (NaaS) with MTN Namibia Ltd for the deployment of rural and suburban 4G LTE sites in Namibia.
Following the MOU announcement on February 22, 2022, this definitive agreement with MTN is intended to continue to build on NuRAN's NaaS expansion in Africa with its first 4G project. NuRAN now has 2,692 sites under contract in pursuit of its objective of 10,000 sites under contract. "We are extremely pleased to have added Namibia to our growing portfolio of African countries. We are even more pleased to have announced our first 4G contract with MTN Namibia. We continue to drive forward towards our goal of 10,000 sites under contract and adding these important revenues to our projections will further enhance of growing fundamental value and help to solidify NuRAN as a leading provider of mobile connectivity to rural and remote regions throughout Africa and ultimately the world," stated CEO Francis Letourneau.

BitNile Holdings (NYSE: NILE) Founder/Chairman, Milton Ault “Scaling to $1 Billion Assets”
“..We have just completed year four of a ten-year plan to scale our diversified holding company to $1.0 billion in assets. The team is executing on this plan while overcoming many obstacles, including a global pandemic, supply chain challenges and volatile equity markets. Despite these challenges, the goal remains the same. In 2022, we expect that a few of our subsidiaries will become publicly traded companies themselves. As we enter the fifth year of our ten-year plan, we expect to achieve positive cash flow from operations as we grow margins and achieve scale. At scale, we expect to fund our growth initiatives from internally generated free cash flow and become far less reliant on raising capital. Further, we expect to triple our top-line results in 2022, growing revenue to more than $155 million. We have planted a garden of opportunities over the last four years and we expect to be able to harvest those crops while continuing to sow more seeds during the next few years.”
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XTM, Inc. (OTC: XTMIF) (CSE: PAID) Marilyn Schaffer CEO: “Poised for Exponential Growth with $1 Trillion Market Opportunity”
XTM Inc, (OTC: XTMIF) (CSE: PAID) CEO Marilyn Schaffer, a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, reports XTMIF is set for exponential revenue growth as its fintech platform expands into the $1 Trillion+ US restaurant, hospitality and services market in the coming weeks.
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XTMIF is a fintech company in the neo-banking space, providing mobile banking and payment solutions specializing in the hospitality, personal care and service industries throughout North America. XTMIF’s Today(™) app gives employees same day access to their earned wages and tips, via a mobile wallet and app. Same day access to tips and wages is a critical benefit in today’s tight labor market, and gives restaurants and services a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining staff. XTMIF’s revenues are accelerating as more businesses adopt its fintech platform as a means to attract and retain staff. CEO Marilyn Schaffer says XTMIF is poised for exponential growth in 2022 as it expands into the US market from Canada, and increasingly adapted by large restaurant and hospitality operators. Revenues are now scaling with +20-25% growth month-over-month. Marilyn shares that XTMIF’s revenue growth will be further turbocharged as it layers on additional services in the app, and further monetizes its large and growing user base. XTMIF is also eyeing a number of strategic acquisitions in the fintech space in coming months.
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MedAvail Holdings (NASDAQ: MDVL) CEO Mark Doerr: “Clear Pathway to Deliver Profitable Growth”
“...While I'm still in the early weeks of leading our MedAvail team, we are enthusiastic about the differentiated value proposition and competitive advantage of our pharmacy solutions and the strong momentum we continue to deliver with our business….I was attracted to MedAvail for two reasons. First, I was impressed by MedAvail's differentiated technology platform, our MedCenter and its supporting system that enables our on-site pharmacy at the point of care in a cost-effective way. Second, I believe in the opportunities that our solutions provide given how strongly positioned we are to solve a multifaceted problem that challenges pharmacy services today. There's a clear need for solutions to address the gaps faced by both retail pharmacies and at-risk value-based medical providers… Since joining MedAvail, my confidence in our business and the opportunities for it has grown. There is a tremendous market opportunity to be realized with our solutions, and we have a definitive road map intended to meet this rising demand. I also believe that we have a clear pathway to deliver profitable growth in the business. We are heavily focused on the profitability of our business. We have programs underway in 4 areas to achieve improved margin, driving prescription volumes, optimizing our prescription mix, reducing cost of goods and improving reimbursement. We have set forth specific initiatives with respect to each of these areas...I am confident that we are strongly positioned with our expansion plans underway and more opportunities presenting themselves in our existing business areas while we focus on delivering profitable and sustainable growth in the future…”
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