Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 15, 2018) - This afternoon at the prestigious Albany Club, an exclusive group of accredited individual investors, investment advisors, family offices, institutional investors and hedge fund industry experts had the opportunity to hear Canada's award-winning hedge fund managers discuss their views of hedge funds as substitutes (same assets, different strategies) and as diversifiers (different assets and strategies) in investor portfolios.

"We know that many investors are looking to reduce the risk in their portfolios; others are looking to get better return for the risk taken." noted Julie Makepeace, Managing Director at Alternative IQ, producer of the annual CHFA Winners Showcase Investor Conferences. "It's a special opportunity for investors and their advisors when 9 of Canada's brightest and best hedge fund managers come together to discuss exactly that."

Certain hedge fund strategies can replace some or all of an allocation to traditional long-only equity and/or fixed income investments with a more attractive risk/reward profile. Other hedge fund strategies may have a low correlation to equity and credit markets and offer a higher probability of generating out-sized returns (albeit by taking on a higher level of risk).

The MC for this, 'by invitation only', event was Phillip Boyd, Vice President at Fundata Canada, a key sponsor of the event.

Presentations were made by:

David Burrows, Barometer Capital Management
(Finalist 1-year return and Finalist 5-year return, Global Macro category)

Tim Elliott, Connor Clark & Lunn
(Winner and Finalist 5-year return, Market Neutral category)

Jesse Gamble, Donville Kent Asset Management
(Finalist 5-year return, Equity Focused category)

Sean Kallir, HGC Investment Management
(Finalist 1-year return, Market Neutral category)

Jason Landau and Jessica Clark Barrow, Waratah Capital Advisors
(Winner 5-year Sharpe ratio, Finalist 1-year return and Finalist 5-year return, Market Neutral category)

Philip Mesman, Picton Mahoney Asset Management
(Winner 1-year return, Credit Focused category, and Finalist 1-year return, Credit Focused category)

Bryan Nunnelley, Crystalline Management
(Winner 1-year return, Market Neutral category)

Pierre Thauvette, Claret Asset Management
(Winner 5-year return, Managed Futures category)

Andrew Torres, Lawrence Park Asset Management
(Finalist 5-year Sharpe ratio, Credit Focused category)

These managers then regrouped to participate in 2 panel discussions. The first: Using Alternative Strategies to Replace Traditional, Long-Only Strategies was moderated by Robert Lemon, Executive Director, CIBC Capital Markets. The second panel was moderated by Dennis MacPherson, Senior Vice President at SGGG Fund Services who facilitated a discussion on the topic of Generating Outperformance by Diversifying with Uncorrelated Hedge Fund Strategies.

This CHFA Winners Showcase Investor Conference would not have been possible without the generous support of its sponsors: CIBC Prime Services, Fundata Canada and SGGG Fund Services and its media partner, Newsfile.

For more information about this event, please contact:

Julie Makepeace
Managing Director, Alternative IQ

and visit:

About Alternative IQ: Alternative IQ is the producer of the annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, held in Toronto each October (performance as at June 30th), the Winners Showcase events which present Managers of the award-winning hedge funds to investors, and various other programs and publications serving the hedge fund industry in Canada. Alternative IQ is a division of Alliance Sales and Marketing, Inc.

About the Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards: The Annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards were first held in 2008 and have a two-fold objective: First, to celebrate the talent and accomplishments of Canada's hedge fund industry, and second, to draw attention to Canada's hedge funds by raising the awareness of that expertise in the media and among the wider investment community.

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