Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 4, 2021) - BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (CSE: BHSC) ("BioHarvest" or the "Company") has reached an important milestone in its development program of additional Nutraceuticals. The olive-based Nutraceutical product scheduled for market availability in the second half of 2022 will contain the following unique matrix of polyphenols: hydroxytyrosol, trosol, and verbascoside. These compounds are the major polyphenols in naturally grown olives and are responsible for the high antioxidant activity of olives and olive oil. Importantly, the BioHarvest olive-based Nutraceutical product will provide all the benefits of olives and olive oil with a low calorie count per serving.

The polyphenols in olives have demonstrated the ability (Alagna et al. BMC Plant Biology 2012, 12:162) to protect LDL particles from oxidative damage and to maintain normal blood HDL-cholesterol concentrations, required to maintain normal hemostatic function. These polyphenols have also demonstrated positive effects on learning and reducing memory deficits found in ageing (such as those related to the overproduction of amyloid-beta peptide). In addition, they can impact gut microbial balance by promoting growth of bacteria, influencing lipid metabolism and inhibition of pathogenic bacteria, as well as increase bone density.

BioHarvest's olive cells-based product will contain verbascoside, which is an ingredient with potent activity from the olive tree. This is a major differentiator of our product as most olive extracts are based only on hydroxytyrosol, typical of the inedible vegetation waters from the tree and of aged extra-virgin olive oils.

"We are very proud to have achieved this milestone," said Dr. Yochi Hagay, CTO of the Company and added, "Our Nutraceuticals development program includes new products with active ingredients that have scientifically demonstrated a positive impact on a person's wellbeing. Our olive-based Nutraceutical contains a matrix of active components with special antioxidant activities and unlike other products (which use the typical solvent extraction technique), is based on our proprietary BioFarming technology which keeps the original natural molecular conformation of the components and hence delivers optimal bioavailability."

"This is yet one more achievement from our talented scientists. It provides further evidence of the vast potential of our BioFarming technology which can produce compounds in their natural structure and maximize the health of consumers. We expect to commercialize this olive based product alongside our current flagship VINIA® product in 2022 to create a portfolio of superfruits and Nutraceuticals with unprecedented benefits and sales growth potential in the $53 Billion dietary supplement market in the US (2020 Persistence Market Research)," said Ilan Sobel, the CEO of the Company.

About BioHarvest Sciences Inc.

Based in Vancouver BC, BioHarvest Sciences Inc. is the developer and exclusive owner of the proprietary and patent-protected BioFarming technology. It is the first and only industrial-scale plant cell technology capable of producing the active plant ingredients without the necessity to grow the plant itself. The Company's technology is non-GMO and has already been validated by VINIA®, the red grapes cells functional food/dietary supplement produced and sold by BioHarvest Sciences Inc. The Company plans to generate significant revenue within the global nutraceutical ingredients and dietary supplements market with VINIA® and other Super Fruit Nutraceutical products. Further, by adapting this technology to the cannabis plant, and building adequate production capacity, BioHarvest Sciences Inc.'s objective is to also become a leading supplier of cannabis for both medicinal and legal recreational purposes.

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