LAS VEGAS, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As a leading Chinese animation production company, Dazzling Star is delighted to attend 2017 Las Vegas Licensing Expo with its award-winning animation work "Beijing Opera Cats", from 23rd to 25th May in Las Vegas.

Beijing Opera Cats four main characters

"Beijing Opera Cats" is a hit animation in China. It is the first series combining Kung Fu and Beijing Opera elements, targeting audiences aged 6-12 years old. Since the debut of the first season in 2015, it has rewritten the record books in terms of reaching 18.02% of Chinese market share and accumulating over 700 million views on the mainstream platform. Dazzling Star also brings stores and characters to life through developing games, consumer products and theme parks across the world.  

The story takes place in a world called Purpetua, where used to be a paradise for cats, but after being taken over by evil forces, it has turned into a chaotic place with monsters everywhere. Only "Beijing Opera Cats" and their "harmony power" can lead the residents in the fight to take back Purpetua. The action is a mixture of Kung Fu, magic and comedic moments that also work to break up the fight sequences nicely. "Beijing Opera Cats" aims to encourage audiences everywhere to develop into kind people with curious minds, compassionate hearts, and courage so they can grow into their authentic selves and find their place in the world.

Las Vegas Licensing Expo is a highly reputable exhibition. With over 35 years of event organizing experience, Licensing Expo is on top of the industry. As the largest licensing platform, it has successfully helped a large number of brands and companies with their international marketing efforts.

Combining Kung Fu and Beijing Opera elements, Dazzling Star aims to create a worldwide animation success.

Dazzling Star took 6 years to create "Beijing Opera Cats", which is the first original cartoon series combining Kung Fu and Beijing Opera elements. Cats, as the heroes, help convey a positive energy in the exciting plot. "Beijing Opera Cats" has been shown with several famous children channels and mainstream platforms. With its attractive legendary stories and delicate pictures, it received tons of positive feedback and attracted a legion of loyal fans.

Dazzling Star is committed to creating and distributing original animation work

"In the Chinese animation industry, there is an increasing number of production teams that tend to learn and copy from overseas teams. They lost themselves, I think."

YangGang Du, CEO of Dazzling Star

Dazzling Star Culture Development Co., Ltd. was found in 2009. Providing a guidance of positive value for audiences was mission of the company. Meanwhile, combining Chinese Kung Fu and advanced technology are the key to success. Mr. YangGang Du, the founder of Dazzling Star, was mentioned in his interview, "Dazzling Star is a company that provides a high quality Asian cultural animation series on the world stage." Under this great dream and passion, Mr. Du leads the team and produced "Beijing Opera Cats". The excellent visual experience of Chinese animation is the goal of moving forward.

Licensing Expo is a great opportunity for Dazzling Star and "Beijing Opera Cats". Over the next few months in 2017, Dazzling Star will also take part in MIP-Junior and Asia TV Forum and Market(ATF). Please stay tuned for more news about Dazzling Star.

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