With Exclusive New C+Collagen Collection

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- NYC-based Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross is expanding the footprint of his namesake skincare collection overseas in a new retail partnership with the iconic Selfridges department store. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare hits shelves at the Oxford Street location on February 2, including the exclusive London debut of his new four-piece product line, C+Collagen, comprised of a serum, mist, facial moisturizer and eye cream.  The brand will also be carried online and will include the Alpha Beta, Ferulic + Retinol and Hyaluronic Marine categories.

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To celebrate the expansion – which marks one decade in the U.K. market – Dr. Dennis Gross along with wife and CEO, Carrie Gross, will make the London trip to host press and blogger events, as well as in-store consumer events, including client consultations and facial treatments in Selfridges' Beauty Room. "Selfridges is known for carrying the biggest and most popular brands, but also the independent brands," notes Carrie Gross. "It's a great showcase for us. London is an incredible gateway to Europe and this exciting partnership will catapult us to a greater volume."

"We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Dennis Gross to Selfridges – the brand ethos truly speaks to our customer, someone who is always on the lookout for the next in new and exciting skincare technology," says Melissa McGinnis, Beauty Buyer Manager, Selfridges.  "The exclusive C+Collagen line is a fantastic additional to our beauty workshop.  As the concept of 'the peel' continues to gain momentum, we are so pleased we can offer Dr. Dennis Gross's expert approach with these excellent at-home solutions."

Practicing for nearly three decades in dermatology, Dr. Gross has dedicated the last 17 years to developing cutting-edge technologies and high-performing products for at-home use.  His daily work with patients is a constant inspiration for developing breakthrough formulas, and his new C+Collagen product line was no exception. "In this digital age of the selfie, people are seeing themselves in different lights and shadows, close-up angles they've not seen before, and the emotions connected have grown to a brand-new level," says Dr. Dennis Gross. "Cell phones are now a beauty instrument and more times than not, the tool which patients use to explain why they're in my office.  The most common question I hear: why do I look so tired?"

Transcending age, gender and skin type, 'tired' is a shared concern that is no longer exclusive to a feeling, morphing into a descriptor for one's appearance. "Tired is a universal appearance of the skin. It's a look of dullness, sallowness, a loss of radiance, looking older than you did the previous day. When your skin looks tired, everything looks worse," explains Dr. Dennis Gross.  Challenged to find a solution to this global skin phenomenon, Dr. Gross formulated the C+Collagen technology to reawaken skin.  "Vitamin C, in its brilliance, produces more collagen giving skin radiance and vitality. When coupled with my energy complex, which charges the battery, the cell's response to Vitamin C is even greater and anti-aging results are amplified. Skin is recharged and revitalized," says Dr. Dennis Gross.

"London gives off the same energy as New York. Always on the go, and people are constantly on the move, tired, and needing to refuel. It's also similar to New York in its urban landscape and environment. It seemed like a terrific fit as our new collection should do very well with Selfridges' clientele. It's a very exciting moment to expand our presence," concluded Dr. Dennis Gross.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is sold in 17 countries globally through retail outlets such as Sephora, Space NK, Mecca, Cult Beauty and Net-a-porter.  The brand is also distributed in professional spas, including the world-renowned Canyon Ranch and Miraval Resorts.  Dr. Dennis Gross C+Collagen collection will be exclusively available with Selfridges & Co. ranging from £30-£72.

PRESS CONTACT:  Melissa Sansone | melissa@dgskincare.com | +1.646.747.5643