SINGAPORE, Feb. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixed Realms, Singapore has announced its plans to boost the features of its Early Access VR sleeper hit game on Steam, Sairento VR.

Released quietly on 21st December last year, Sairento VR is a first person shooter and sword combat virtual reality game set in futuristic Japan. Sairento VR is not only the indie game developer's first game, but also Singapore's first full action VR game to enter the international market.

Within the first 4 days of its release it has already garnered more than a thousand purchases and received a 95% positive rating. These numbers have since multiplied and there are currently more than 100 fan videos on Sairento VR on Youtube. Several arcades and gaming stores around the world are also featuring the game in their facilities.

Fans have complimented Sairento VR for its unique gameplay in letting them feel like an action superstar. Players can perform feats like leaping a few metres into the air, slowing down time and guns blazing, thereafter landing in front of an enemy and swiping a katana blade through him. In VR, this feels engagingly real.

"We wanted to treat players to an exhilarating and visceral VR experience, from being able to perform double jumps to taking down foes in a ballet of slow motion gunplay," said Chalit Noonchoo, Lead Developer of Sairento VR.

Moving ahead, Mixed Realms is reinvesting the proceedings of its early access sales into making the game even better. Besides plans to increase the number of maps, enemies, weapons, skills and improve on the enemy AI, it has also engaged a talented game writer to give Sairento a story line and a composer to produce an original soundtrack for the game. More importantly, Sairento will be boosted with a multiplayer co-op feature for players who want to have fun and challenge the game together.

Aldric Chang - CEO of Mixed Realms - remarked, "We are extremely encouraged with the positive response we are getting from the international gaming community. Our decision to reinvest whatever we've made so far into making the game even better is a natural and easy one to make. We see it that the gamers have given us their vote of confidence and we should repay them with an awesome full game."

The full Sairento VR game should be completed and delivered by mid July to August 2017.

Sairento VR can be downloaded here -

Mixed Realms Pte Ltd is an independent developer of VR games founded in 2016 based in Singapore. It aspires to be Asia's leading VR game development powerhouse.

Swag Soft LLP, also based in Singapore, is the parent company of Mixed Realms. It is a well-established mobile app development and game development services company.

Aldric Chang

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