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MONTREAL, Nov. 29, 2023 /CNW/ -, a pioneering fractional real estate ownership company, proudly announces its acquisition by Solutions Guiker Inc., a prominent Montreal-based rental platform. This strategic union marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both companies and promises enhanced efficiencies, expanded access to properties, and unparalleled opportunities for their respective user bases.

Guiker's acquisition of signals a pivotal shift in the real estate industry, merging Willow's security expertise and extensive user base with Guiker's vast network of renters and landlords. This integration allows Guiker to introduce fractional ownership in rental properties, significantly widening access to real estate investment. Additionally, this evolution brings new and enhanced offerings to Willow's clients.

Since its inception in 2019, has revolutionized the real estate industry with its innovative fractional ownership platform. Following registration with the Ontario Securities Commission in 2021, the company launched its unique offering in 2022, enabling individual investors to invest in distinct real estate buildings, regardless of investment size.

"Many startups face challenges in securing investment and capital as funding opportunities diminish. The acquisition of our company by Guiker serves as a remarkable validation but also a sign of opportunities to come," said CEO, Logan Yergens.

Founded 7 years ago, Guiker's core rental platform streamlines the leasing process by connecting property investors with quality tenants in key urban areas such as Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, and Boston. Its technology-driven approach reduces vacancy rates and optimizes rental efficiency. Guiker offers a hassle-free solution for rental property investors seeking to maximize their assets' potential.

"With the acquisition of, we can transform rental activity into investment opportunities, driving up ROI as our user base continues to expand. We're paving a new path in real estate, where anyone can invest with ease and rent with freedom, all within a synergistic ecosystem," said Guiker CEO, Nan Hao.

"Guiker's true mission is to challenge traditional ownership and build an alternative to the shackles of a 30-year mortgage, allowing us to regain the freedom to move where ambition inspires. This redefines not just how we invest in properties, but how we invest in our lives. New generations can rent and invest in homeownership at a fractional level for as little as $100, benefitting from this stable asset class," added Hao.

Yergens remains senior officer within Guiker, leveraging his experience to ensure ongoing Ontario Securities Commission compliance.     

SOURCE Guiker Inc.

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