- CrossField proven to be 99.9% effective in purifying air indoors

LONDON, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading sustainability technology company OVER today launched CrossField, the most advanced sustainable filter-free air purification system, in the UK. Through CrossField technology businesses and homeowners will, for the first time, have access to the most effective and innovative air filtration system on the market, helping combat airborne viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. CrossField uses UV-light and electrostatic plates to capture and deactivate microorganisms and polluted air particles, producing 99.9% air purification effectiveness, the highest inactivation rate ever achieved by any purifying technology.

By combining electrostatic fields with UV-rays to capture indoor air pollutants, CrossField filtration technology removes the requirement for HEPA or ULPA filters, which are traditionally replaced and discarded at least every four months. In 2021, over 2.5 million non-recyclable filters were released into the environment, representing 7500m2 of waste, covering more than 330 football pitches. CrossField's offering for home and commercial environments, such as shopping centres, offices and schools through AirFrame and AirFlow, provides UK consumers and businesses with the most pioneering and cost-effective sustainable air filtration system.

Adriano Cerocchi, CEO & co-founder of OVER, said; "Sustainable technology is a core tenet of OVER and we view the launch of CrossField as a significant step in the drive for a greener, no waste society, where state-of -the-art technology serves a higher purpose. We are what we eat is now in the mainstream psyche, and our aim is to ensure that people recognise that we are also what we breathe. By utilising technology to help create a cleaner environment, we can drive towards a sustainable future while helping protect ourselves today."

As part of the launch, Italian-headquartered OVER has partnered with primary school Valli e Carasco School to provide its AirFrame solution across the campus. The device will be installed in the first quarter of 2022. The technology will also be used at Dante Alighieri, consisting of five kindergartens, four primary school and three high schools.

Felicita Foglia, Principal of Valli e Carasco, said; "A recent study revealed that air quality can significantly affect academic performance and we are committed to providing the best possible, healthy environment for our students to thrive. OVER's AirFrame will help us to create the best environment to make certain that our pupils and staff are protected from airborne bacteria, viruses and moulds."

Founded as a spin-off of the laboratories of Sapienza of Rome in 2012, OVER committed to developing cutting-edge technology that helps drive a sustainable tomorrow. By 2020, the company had reached €4.56m in revenue, an increase of 31% year on year.

Adriano Cerocchi concluded; "As the world continues to adjust to the post-COVID-19 world, indoor public spaces are compelled to improve the level of air filtration to help stem the spread of the virus. Additionally, we face significant environmental challenges around the world and sustainable solutions must be a key focus over the next decade. Innovative and, more importantly, sustainable technology will play a crucial role as we aim to move to a carbon-neutral society that not only lessens negative environmental impact, but also helps protect the public."

CrossField is also available in Italy and Dubai, with plans to expand across Europe and the United States in the next two years. To find out more about OVER and CrossField, visit www.overtechnologies.com/crossfield-technology.

About OVER

OVER is an innovative start-up company in energy and air quality management. Established in Italy in 2012 it was created with the ambition of creating sustainable technologies for healthier planet and healthier lifestyle.

About CrossField

CrossField is the first-ever sustainable and 99.9% effective system for air purification combining UV-lights and Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), capable of capturing and deactivating microorganisms and polluted air particles of 0.01 microns or greater. CrossField technology ensures that all airborne particles are captured by the Electrostatic precipitator. What escapes the attractive force of electrostatic plates is deactivated by UV-rays, ensuring the world leading efficacy without producing ozone.