It is my pleasure to share a first interview with the Mr. Peter Berdusco, President & CEO of Guyana Goldstrike (TSX.V:GYA). I am also publishing an interview with Mr. David Kwiatkowski, who works with the company and helped walk me through their website.

You can find both these recordings and several other audio clips I made on Google Drive here:

Guyana Goldstrike is a junior mining company focused on the Marudi project in Guyana. The company has 37 million shares issued and outstanding, with 45 million fully diluted. The market cap is approximately $7M at recent share price of $0.21. I do not know what their current cash balance is, but they conducted a $1.7MM CDN financing in March 2017 and have no debt. You can find out more on the company website

At one point in our conversation, Peter asked rhetorically, "Are we potentially on the leading edge of a second belt within what we call the Guiana Shield?" That is a big question and the right answer could mean big things for Guyana Goldstrike. Listen to that clip here:

It takes more than a large land package in a prospective area to be successful as junior mining company and Guyana Goldstrike has the bases covered. The company is led by an experienced management team, with specific experience in-country and broader experience in the junior mining industry. Their experience is reflected in many aspects of the business. Did you know that Guyana Goldstrike actually collects royalties from artisanal miners working at the Marudi project? What a unique feature.

This is one of a few Canadian-listed junior mining companies that has cash flow from a royalty, let alone at such a small scale of production. Don't let the size fool you – I estimate they could earn $250,000 USD from this royalty in 2018. That would go a long way to cover some of the basic expenses of being a public company. Mr. Berdusco had insightful things to say about all this in our conversation and it is my pleasure to share this interview publicly.

We are fast approaching the one-year anniversary of Guyana Goldstrike's initiative to supervise alluvial mining activity at Marudi. Things appear to have gone smoothly so far as these miners extracted almost 1,000 ounces of gold in the first 5 months and provided a 10% royalty to Guyana Goldstrike. The company estimated that it incurred approximately US$12,500 in expenses supervising these miners, but earned net proceeds of US$106,490 from 5 months of initial operations as in the June 16th, 2017 news release. The synergy between exploration and royalties has never been so clear to me as when I first heard about all this.

Listen to this clip where I asked Mr. Berdusco about this synergy between royalties and exploration:

Peter agreed with me about the synergy, but he pointed out that I was missing something! It's not just about the royalty and the exploration – there is a development story to the business as well. The company has a great base from historical exploration with "760 Koz Historic Hard Rock Resource Estimate (Non-NI 43-101 compliant)*" as in the screenshot of the company's factsheet below.


Please find the full recording of my interview with Mr. Peter Berdusco here:

Watch for additional material as I continue to investigate this company. Please note that I was compensated to prepare and distribute this material. Thank you.

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