The young snot nosed engineer in the bulk sample decline at the McArthur River Zinc mine, NT Australia in 1991 which was some of my better design work.

Too humid to worry about proper protective safety clothes. The mine is still a top ten zinc producer in the world.

Zing Mining Ramblings - the Summary

By Doug Beattie, Mining Engineer (retired) March 2017, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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This spreadsheet summarizes the findings of research conducted since August 2016 related to zinc mines where sufficient information is available in the public forum to make reasonable estimates of prior and future zinc in concentrate production annual quantities to 2022.

The author is a mining engineer who has spent 35 years in the mining industry including a number of years designing, constructing and operating zinc mines.

The information in this spreadsheet is derived from a series of 12 modules posted on the website in the zinc panel forum.

Data presented in this spreadsheet is zinc in concentrate produced by mines around the world as thousand metric tonnes of zinc in concentrate annually.

Other base and precious metals produced by the numerous mines are not listed.

This data is presented without comment relating to the overall world mine supply nor comment with respect to overall world mine demand for refined zinc.

Significant zinc producing nations such as China, Russia and Iran are not included in this spreadsheet due to lack of publicly available information.

The spreadsheet includes only existing producers and those in an advanced study or development stage. Possible producers currently conducting initial assessment work and exploration for known deposits are not included.

The opinions expressed in this spreadsheet are those of the author only.


The author has received no compensation for the generation of this spreadsheet.

The author may, from time to time have a long or short position in securities listed and may make purchases and/or sales of those securities in the open market.


The views expressed in this spreadsheet contain information that has been derived from publicly available sources that have not been independently verified.

No representation or warranty is made as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information.

This spreadsheet should not be relied upon as a recommendation or forecast by the author.

This spreadsheet is editable. The author is not responsible for any changes made to this spreadsheet and any conclusions drawn from it by the user.

Doug Beattie, Mining Engineer (retired) March 2017, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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