Our interview with Chantelle Schieven is out now. We talked about why the bottom is in for gold, how far this new gold bull market could go, and which books Chantelle would recommend to investors. View our exclusive preview clips below.

Chantelle Schieven, MA is Research Head at Murenbeeld & Co. where she contributes articles, research, and analysis in the weekly and monthly publications. She specializes in research and analysis with a focus on the effects of macroeconomic events and data on the gold price, equity markets, exchange rates, and interest rates. She brings fifteen years of experience from the financial industry and five years of entrepreneurial practice to the Murenbeeld & Co. team. Chantelle’s passion for Economics, particularly monetary and fiscal policy, was sparked in her early days working in the banking sector. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, then a Master of Arts degree in China-US Relations with a focus on financial markets and monetary policy from the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Chantelle Schieven gives us her take on gold and why the bottom is in - View here.

Chantelle Schieven shares with us the books📚that have helped shape her market outlook - View here.

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