From our Hard Asset conference in Jekyll Island, Frank Holmes talks to us about a series of new technologies within the financial markets and the role of A.I. within the resource sector. View our exclusive preview clip below.

Frank Holmes is Independent Chairman of GoldSpot discoveries. He is also Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer at U.S. Global Investors, a leading mutual fund and asset management firm. In 2015, Mr. Holmes led the company into the exchange-traded fund (ETF) business with the launch of the U.S. Global Jets ETF, which invests in the global airline sector. In 2017, U.S. Global Investors made a strategic investment in HIVE Blockchain Technologies, listed in Toronto, and Mr. Holmes was appointed non-executive Chairman of the Board. He is a sought after keynote speaker at international investment conferences and a regular guest in business media. His Frank Talk CEO Blog is one of the most widely read in finance.

Frank holmes talks about AI, mining, and the future of investing within the resource space - View here.

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