Throughout 2018 we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a high number of successful investors, accomplished company builders, and serial entrepreneurs within the resource space. 

And as we head towards the end of the year we would like to highlight a selection of interviews that have provided a wealth of information for us, and that will continue to help us to become better contrarians within the resource space going forward.

But first, let's briefly take a look back at the resource markets in general. 

To look back at 2018 provides a snapshot on which markets have performed well and gives us a clearer picture on where certain markets might be going.

As contrarian investors - we constantly have to ask ourselves if we have conducted enough research and analysis to determine which markets or metals - over the next few years - will bring us the most profits. Let’s take a look.

In general, 2018 has undoubtably been a mixed tale for resource investors. 

From the beginning of the year until now - the uranium spot price has given us a clear signal that a new upward trend has begun. 

And as this has been a market that we have been watching closely for a number of years - our research concluded that it was only going to be a matter of time before a sustained turn around in the uranium spot price would begin.

Our editor-in-chief at Palisade Research, Adam Tumerkan, has written extensively on uranium throughout this year.  

His key articles being “The Uranium Market Found Its Bottom – Now Is Really The Time To Buy” back in June and “The Uranium Bull Market’s Now Beginning as Global Production Plummets” which was published back in November. 

We suggest all contrarian investors should re-read these articles, as it provides a bullish framework for where uranium might be going next.

There are no guarantees of course, but it does look as though we may look back on 2018 as the year that signalled the start of brand new bull market in uranium.

The precious metals markets, on the other hand, have been met with both apathy and scepticism - testing the patience of all resources investors. 

And many investors are perhaps now asking themselves if these two metals will ever begin a new bull run?

A better question might be to ask if what we are witnessing today is simply a long period of consolidation that will finally be resolved in 2019? And once resolved, will the metals and the mining equities give us an obvious move upward?

We believe a bull move is on the horizon - but time will tell.

Other highlights throughout the year included a summer filled with high grade exploration results from a number of gold juniors within the golden triangle - perhaps giving us a glimpse of a new district play in the making.

For these gold juniors - that have the assets and the financing to continue their drilling programs for next year and beyond - 2019 should be an exciting time and provide a repeat of what we saw earlier this summer - as long as the high grade holes continue to be found.

Another highlight has undoubtedly been the continued rise of electric vehicles and the battery materials that are needed within them. The lithium, cobalt, nickel and Copper markets have all had their fair share of attention over the last couple of years, but we believe the best is yet to come for all these markets.

Back in February we interviewed the Chairman and CEO of Cobalt 27, Anthony Milewski, to gain his insight on a few of these battery metal markets.

We asked him about the supply and demand issues surrounding Cobalt, the current bull market in Copper, and the lack of on coming supply to meet the new forth coming demand from electric vehicles - as well as the still ongoing skepticism surrounding the adoption of electric vehicles in general.

Anthony also explained to us that over the next few years we were going to see all-time highs for Copper - and in time it would trade higher than it did in the last commodity super cycle. View the entire interview here

Another highlight that surprised us and many listeners in 2018 was our interview with entrepreneur and libetarian Jeff Berwick

Back in April Jeff told us about his outsized gains within the crypto sector and how he had begun to take those crypto gains and began to buy gold.

He told us that as he looked at the valuations of his crypto success - which far exceeded his initial price forecasts - he looked at the gold and silver markets and came to the conclusion that he had to buy them - simply due to how cheap they looked when compared to other markets or commodities. 

And if we look back to when Jeff sold the majority of his crypto investments - when bitcoin was on its way to 19,000 plus - it looks as if he made a very smart move. View the entire interview here.

It is also clear to us that one key highlight throughout 2018 has undoubtedly been the uranium market. 

And at Palisade Radio we were lucky enough to interview a veteran within the uranium space - who gave us his analysis from decades of experience as to why uranium may just be his single favourite commodity.

Early in the summer we had one of the best speculators in the resource business, Doug Casey, explain his investment thesis for uranium and his strategy for being successful within the resource markets.

He told us that “you want to buy when others are timid. You want to be careful when everyone else is being bold. Right now no one wants to hear about the junior resource sector so now is the ideal time to get in.”

Doug has been involved in the uranium sector for a long time, and he feels that we are ready for another bull market to begin and for uranium to rise over the next few years. This was an exceptional interview that all contrarian investors can learn from. View the entire interview here.

And to finally round off our highlights of the year, we must keep our attention on the uranium market. 

Our 11 part uranium series was considered a great success with many contrarian investors reaching out to us on twitter to share their enthusiasm for our series.

We appreciated all the support and we do read every comment that is posted and shared - and a special thanks goes out to the following twitter accounts - John Quakes, Airic, Ben, and john davies - for their knowledge on the uranium market. 

For us at Palisade Radio, it was an honour to bring the sharpest minds in the uranium space all into one place, and for their opinions to be shared on the uranium sector today - and for what the future may bring over the next few years.

All the interviews in the series provided a diverse range of opinions as to where we are in the current uranium market, and to where we might be going next. 

Comparisons to the epic bull run of the early to mid 2000’s were also a common feature with a lot of our guests.

So our final highlight of 2018 must include our interview with John Borshoff - a legend in the last uranium bull market - and where Rick Rule famously financed his company, Paladin, when no one else could or wanted to.

John’s views on what he sees today and how this uranium bull market will compare to the last one is essential viewing. View the entire interview here.

So in wrapping up 2018, we would like to wish all our readers and viewers a very big thank you. 

We believe that 2019 will mark the beginning of an exceptional few years within the resource space. 

And because of this, we will continue to provide even more research, analysis and commentary within the resource markets, as we search for more opportunities to gain outsized profits for 2019 and beyond.

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Until next time, happy contrarian investing.

The Palisade team

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