Towards the end of last year we had the pleasure of creating a series of interviews that brought together some of the best minds within the uranium space.

For such a market that is often difficult to read, opaque in nature, and with a lack of many leading experts or investors who have been around long enough to experience what a uranium bull market looks and feels like - it was a series that was designed to educate on what had happened in the past - and also on how to prepare for the future.

Since the Fukushima disaster and the bear market that followed, the uranium sector is understandably still met with scepticism and a lack of interest from the average investor.

In our uranium series we asked the fundamental questions surrounding new demands for nuclear energy, the possibilities of a supply disruption scenario as a new contract cycle begins, and understanding if ultimately what we are witnessing today is going to lead to a bull market that early contrarian investors and speculators will make sizeable gains in.

Ultimately, we wanted to find out if we were now back in an early bull market for uranium, and was this now the asymmetric trade that all contrarian investors dream about?

Highlights within our series included John Borshoff - a legend within the uranium space - who rode the wave of the last uranium bull market and making early investors positioned in his company a small fortune.

Rick Rule was also another early investor in the last uranium bull market and it is no secret that Rick created a lot of wealth during his participation within it.

And it also goes without saying that a key highlight in the series was our two part interview with Mike Alkin.

Mike is at the forefront of knowledge and research within the uranium space, and many investors today will be looking to him for insights and clarification as to how this new bull market will unfold.

To conclude, our 11 part uranium series is now available in one place to view and digest. Click below to view our series right from the beginning. You can also view the series here on our YouTube channel.

As the sector begins to steadily mature into a bull market over the next few years, it will be interesting to see how our experts saw the beginning of this uranium bull market in late 2018.

In 3 - 5 years we may look back and realize that we were at the early stages of a brand new bull market, and all we had to do listen, invest, and try and enjoy the ride.

Until next time, happy contrarian investing.

The Palisade team

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