Over the last few months here at Palisade Radio we have interviewed a collection of high profile guests who have positioned themselves to profit not only from a major upward move in the price of gold - but also from the associated mining equities.

These are guests who have made big returns within the gold sector and the gold related mining equities in the past, and are now positioning themselves to do it again.

As we already know, the price of gold is still consolidating within the 1200 range, and because of this the general appetite for precious metals from the average investor is still very low key and skeptical. It is fair to say that gold is still under the radar of most mainstream investors, and even fewer are interested in the beaten up junior gold stocks.

But for us and for some of our most recent guests at Palisade Radio, this spells opportunity.

One such recent guest is Ross Beaty. In our interview at the end of October he us told why he felt that we had been in a gold bull market since 2015 - and how the real gains for gold investors over the next few years would be huge - if you are positioned correctly.

Other highlights from our interview included a discussion around the safe-haven status for gold in a financial meltdown, and Ross even shared some tips for investors who are wishing to capitalize in this space. View the entire interview here.

Another recent guest we had back on in October was Canaccord Genuity portfolio manager Jaime Carrasco. 

Jamie felt that there weren’t many safe havens left and mentioned how the Comex chairman recently suggested that gold should already be above $5000.

He also told us that “central banks are buying gold and people are waking up as bullion premiums are starting to rise.”

Jaime also had some advice for investors who now feel that they will never be rewarded for their patience by investing in gold and the gold related companies. Jaime explained that “the longer it takes for gold to rebound the higher it will go.” View the entire interview here.

And finally, Chairman of Tocqueville Management John Hathaway gave us his views on the current gold environment and where gold might be going next. 

He told us that long term he remains very bullish on the gold space and that the best performance gains will come from exploration companies - especially those who continuously find high grade discovery holes - as these tend to always create excitement within the space. View the entire interview here.

Overall, the general sentiment suggests that gold and the related mining equities will stay range bound for a long time and even head much lower before any meaningful rally or break out to the upside may occur.

However, for the fund managers and investors who have seen this play out before - who understand that the markets that are often forgotten about or left for dead tend to surprise everyone to the upside - they know the most likely outcome once this consolidation period is over will be dramatic.

And once that does happen, to begin a position in the gold space will probably be too late.

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Until next time, happy contrarian investing.

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