Mining legends give us their take on where commodities are going and how to profit.

Guests and major speakers within the resource world are now gathering on Jekyll Island to begin a weekend of talks, workshops and networking sessions for what will be an educational and fun weekend at the 2019 Palisade hard asset conference.

Key note speakers for this weekend include serially successful fund manager Marin Katusa, billionaire investor Mike Beck, mining legend Rob McEwen, and a host of other leaders and insiders within the resource space.

During the conference there will be a series of talks and Q & A sessions so guests can actively find out the potential our speakers see within the resource space and what opportunities they are currently looking at.

We believe that what occurs during the conference will allow guests valuable insights into what could potentially happen over the next few years as the bull markets in gold, uranium, and other commodities start to unfold.

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To be clear - the industry leaders appearing at this conference all believe that the commodity sector and the underlying mining equities are all poised for substantial gains over the next few years - and that now is the time to get positioned.

Until next time, happy contrarian investing.

The Palisade team

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