It would be fair to say that the excitement surrounding Rob McEwen, our first keynote speaker at the 2019 Palisade Hard Asset Conference, was undeniable. After breakfast and coffee our guests gathered around to spend the morning listening to Rob - a legend within the gold mining space.

And what he shared with us about the gold market today, previous bull markets, and where we are heading over the coming years was both insightful and reassuring.

In an environment of muted commodity sentiment and an ongoing consolidation period within the gold price itself - his words carried great weight from a captivated audience.

The next keynote speech was from Marin Katusa, and as he began it was clear that everyone in the room wanted to know what this serially successful hedge fund manger had on his mind today. What did he see as the next bull market that was destined to take shape? Was gold still on his radar? And where was uranium headed within the next few years?

As usual, Marin gave our audience many key insights into where the next bull market was going to occur. His presentation had a wealth of charts and analysis from his research group, that put together a convincing case as to what might happen next for certain commodities.

Other highlights throughout the day included a panel where Marin Katusa asked as range of questions to Frank Holmes, Rob McEwen, and Paul Matysek that included what stocks they owned, what they would buy today, and which investment sectors they liked best.

Other presentations included Matt Geiger - who gave us his analysis on the value proposition that the commodity sector provides today.

And to wrap up the first day at the 2019 Palisade Hard Asset conference, we were lucky enough to hear celebrated author Gregory Crouch talk about his new book The Bonanza King. Wild speculation, fortunes being made in the gold rush of the 1860’s, and how one man began a mining career without a single penny to his name - and ended up with an immense fortune in only a few short years - were all part of the story within Gregory’s talk.

All this and more was shared with our audience in Jekyll Island, but over the coming weeks we will share all the presentations and exclusive interviews from the conference on Palisade Radio. And for continued updates throughout the weekend, follow us on twitter and other social media channels.

Day 1 is over, but much more is to come over the following days from Jekyll Island.

Until next time, happy contrarian investing.

The Palisade team

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