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April 5, 2023 – TheNewswire - LithiumBank Resources (OTC: LBNKF), a clean energy company focused on lithium-enriched brine projects in Western Canada, has signed an MOU with Invest Alberta to develop a commercial lithium production facility at its Boardwalk brine project in Alberta. 


Under the MOU, Invest Alberta will promote the project domestically and internationally, facilitate relationships with key stakeholders and senior government officials, and connect the company with post-secondary institutions to create a qualified talent pipeline. 


LithiumBank Executive Chairman Paul Matysek stated: “Invest Alberta is a great example of why we believe Alberta is one of the best locations in the world to develop critical mineral resources and electrification supply chains.”


Alberta Minister Rajan Sawhney added: “Our province has a friendly corporate tax rate, with a ready-to-work, skilled workforce, and decreased red tape to ensure businesses like LithiumBank can prosper. I look forward to seeing what innovative energy solutions may come from this agreement.”


LithiumBank Resources is a clean energy company, founded in 2017 that holds millions of mineral titles across Saskatchewan and Alberta. LithiumBank’s mineral titles are strategically positioned over known reservoirs that provide a unique combination of scale, grade and exceptional flow rates that are necessary for large-scale direct brine lithium production.


Shares of LithiumBank Resources trade in the United States under the ticker symbol LBNKF, and in Canada under the symbol LBNK. For more information visit www.lithiumbank.ca 


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