Transition Metals chief operating officer Greg Collins joined Steve Darling from Proactive on site at the Pike Warden Project to share exciting news about their exploration activities.

The company has initiated hyperspectral and LiDAR surveys on the Pike Warden project, located near Whitehorse, Yukon. Additionally, Transition Metals' field crews have mobilized to conduct mapping, sampling, and hand trenching activities on selected targeted areas.

Collins informed Proactive that Transition Metals is utilizing high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery from optical satellites, provided by PhotoSat, to identify zones of highly altered rocks typically associated with mineralization. The survey's goal is to pinpoint areas for follow-up ground exploration.

The company has launched a comprehensive 10-day field program on the Property, focusing on ground truthing, sampling, and geological mapping of previously unexplored regions. So far, 18 mineralized zones have been identified on the property, underscoring the significance of conducting groundwork in this area. The ongoing work aims to further characterize the potential polymetallic mineralizing system present at Pike Warden.

Transition Metals is dedicated to advancing its exploration efforts, utilizing cutting-edge technology and hands-on fieldwork to explore the potential of the Pike Warden Project. Through these activities, the company aims to gain valuable insights into the mineralization potential of the area and continue to make strides in their exploration efforts.

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