The Calandra Report -- Our 2018 Free Excerpt (original with additional material on Ethos Gold, Triumph Gold, IMV Inc., Drone Delivery Canada was published two days ago) This is a courtesy for CEO.CA users. You are an informed audience. Let's see what happens with $KG when Klondike Gold publishes assays this coming week. -- Thom

NOTES: Added to my stake in EMX Royalty and purchasing whenever the shares get to or near $1 USD. $emx The IG Copper team in #Russia is now performing along with prospective buyer Russia Copper the final (one hopes) bits of review of the Malmyzh copper project.

Cash in the treasury for EMX from the sale of IG Copper's Malmyzh will be in the range of $65-plus million USD, EMX's Dave Cole says. 

Boilerplate on this: The Malmyzh exploration and mining licenses, in the Russian Far East (think SIberia, sort of), are held by IGC (51%) and Freeport-McMoRan Exploration (49%). IG is operator of Malmyzh, and EMX is IG's largest shareholder with 39% of outstanding and fully diluted shares.

I have a longstanding interest in $EMX and have seen Malmyzh. I expect IG's Tom Bowens (American founder of IG and an active explorer/geologist in Russia and Mongolia) and team to finalize sale to the Russia entity soon -- with cash closing to the Colorado company that likely will lift EMX's market value in NY and Toronto to $110 million USD from approx. $70 million.

Look for a 15% or so gain in EMX shares this coming week of July 9.

A stake in Boreal Metals $BMX (cobalt, other metals in Norway and Sweden) also is a driver for EMX.  The royalty collector and early-stage developer dealt four Scandinavia polymetallic spreads to Boreal in 2017.


​Speaking of Russia Far East, the feature film Siberia will debut next week in North America theaters. Diamonds, Guns. Keanu Reeves, Ana Ularu, Trending well in early reviews.​

* ​Shares of #Klondike Gold rising this week -- I met its folks last week in Dawson City, #Yukon. ​The new-ish CEO, Peter Tallman, a geologist, has a lot of drilling going on just outside Dawson. $KG 

Klondike Gold Corp. has a checkered past before Mr. Tallman's stewardship and will see its fortunes skyrocket if two ore more of the drill-holes he references here show wide swatches of gold at numerous intercept points along what Peter says are 55 kilometers of claims at the historic Klondike mining fields of the very late-1890s.

Here is what Peter tells me today-Friday, and it indicates, given the sharp stock rise and brisk share trading this week, that perhaps there are 12 or 14 cheap-seeking gold-exploration investors in THE ENTIRE WORLD willing to gambit drill-holes in the far north: "Next week probably​ (for new exploration assays)​. I’m looking at first prelims today.​"

Peter notes, "​A race between re-assays of old holes along ​​Nugget target and new assays from sections at Lone Star.​"​​ 

Tara Christie of Banyan Gold (another Yukon explorer), whose shares I have purchased (along with Triumph Gold's stock after the Yukon journey​, is on Peter's Klondike Gold board of directors. I do not own any KG shares as of the delivery of this report. Klondike Gold is a $32 million USD market value.

​​Looking at $DBB, an Invesco industrial metals ETF that holds actual copper, nickel and other base metals. Morningstar's describer says such funds: invest in industrial metals as aluminum, copper, lead, nickel and zinc. Investment can be made directly in physical assets or commodity linked derivative instrument. DBB sells for a slight discount to its held investments right now -- and I have yet to examine expense ratio.​

​-- Thom Calandra

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