Marco Streng and Frank Holmes... out to crush the GDXJ and more

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It takes a lifetime to build a network and get educated as a investor, but there are events you can go to expedite the process.

The Subscriber Investment Summit ("SIS"), CEO.CA's only conference, is taking place 9am-4pm next Tuesday Oct 3 at the stunning Pan Pacific Hotel on Vancouver's waterfront. 

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Headlining the event is renowned investor Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors.

Holmes is Chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies and will be discussing the cryptocurrency space, as well as opportunities for global investors, in the opening session (9:10-9:50am).

US Global, and Holmes, are innovators. Their new GoGold ETF has outperformed the GDXJ by nearly 5% since launching in the US in June 2017. GoGold is based on rigorously back tested factors to buy a better basket of gold businesses (over $200 million market cap. A focus on royalty companies and mid-caps with increasing reserves and production per share vs peers, among other factors). GoGold will soon launch in Canadian dollars on the TSE and compete with the GDXJ, XGD, and other gold ETF products that gold investors increasingly turning to.

SIS features a dozen more incredible guest speakers. They are analysts and CEOs from exciting mining, energy and tech startups working to create new wealth. 

Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin editor Keith Schaefer will talk about "The 1st inning of the oil boom" and how to play it.

BNN TV commentator and ForgeFirst Asset Management CIO Andrew Mccreath will discuss commodity investing trends and answer your questions. 

From the oil patch, hear from CEOs of Canacol, RMP, PentaNova, Aveda, Madelena, and Falcon to learn which stock could be due for a massive turnaround.

From the metals sector, the top executives of Trilogy, Constantine, Callinex, Bitterroot, Liberty and Nevsun are presenting their stories amid an improving price backdrop. Hard Rock Advisory editor Eric @HRA-Coffin will also share his best ideas.

Network Entertainment, a premium content company behind some of the biggest documentary films in history will tell you why their $8 million market cap company is key to the Amazon and Netflix's content wars.

Nathan Weiss of Unit Economics, a brilliant independent financial analyst, will offer up his best money making ideas.

The event format features alternating presentations and catered coffee breaks where you can meet management teams and network with a wonderful community.

If you are in the Vancouver area next Tuesday, you are crazy not to be at SIS. There won't be another event like it for a while....

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Tommy and the CEO.CA team