These are the CEO.CA House Rules. 

1. Add value.

CEO.CA is an investment community where we want our collective research to make us all better investors. We want the whole to be greater than just the sum of its parts. Contribute with meaningful posts.

2. No personal attacks or insults.

We encourage a constructive debate on the merits of companies on CEO.CA, positive and negative. However, no matter how wrong you think someone is, insulting them directly is not allowed and will not be tolerated. You must argue your perspective respectfully. Discuss stocks, not users or other individuals. People who post defamatory/libelous content, resort to insults, or instigate fights, may be restricted from posting or banned from the site.

3. No repetitive posting.

The best arguments are simple and brief. Avoid repetitive posting, which is disruptive to other users’ experience on the site. Don’t clog public channels. Take irrelevant conversations private.

4. No blaming.

You are responsible for your wins and losses. Terms such as “paid bashers” or “paid pumpers” are counterproductive to the discussion, add little value, and only cause tension among disagreeing users. Blaming others without proof is frowned upon, and repetitive blamers may be penalized.

5. No cheerleading.

We realize it’s fun to cheer for stocks, but it devalues the experience for other users who are looking for useful discussion. Terms such as “accumulate”, “to the moon”, “let’s go”, you get the idea. Cheerleading without adding value to the conversation is forbidden.

6. No spamming.

Do not “ticker drop” or spam company channels for purposes of touting a different company and/or product. This type of behaviour is highly disruptive. Only tag companies or channels that are directly discussed in your message.

7. Lighten up.

When conflict arises, try not to take yourself too seriously. Take nothing personally and try to laugh it off. Nothing resolves a conflict like humour.

8. Buyer Beware.

CEO.CA members discuss high-risk stocks which can lose their entire value. The opinions shared on CEO.CA often contain bias or factual inaccuracies. Stay skeptical of everything you read here and everyone posting on the site. Verify information, get help from a qualified financial professional and do your own thorough due diligence before making investment decisions.

9. No Multiple Accounts. 

Please use a single account on CEO.CA. Using multiple accounts and having a conversation with one another to give the impression of a conversation on a channel is strictly prohibited and will result in the removal of both accounts permanently from CEO.CA

10. No Doxxing

Publishing private or identifying information, typically with malicious intent, also known as "Doxxing" is not tolerated here. 

Content violating these rules may be edited or removed. Users violating these rules may be muted or banned.

House Rules are a work in progress. Let us know what you think below and tag our #feedback channel.

Use of this site indicates acceptance of the above House Rules as well as CEO.CA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use