Tommy Humphreys with #1 supporter/mother, Shannon Nelson, June 1, 2017


Thanks for your interest in CEO.CA and about me. I'm a 31 year old entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada. Financial content and web development are two of my top passions, which makes running CEO.CA, a Canadian stock market and resource community, rarely feel like work. 

My parents met in stockbroker school in Vancouver in the early 1980's and I was raised with a lot of discussion about investing and capital markets. My dad continues to be a value-focused smallcap portfolio manager today. He remains dedicated to the slow and steady approach, while I prefer a little more risk.

There's entrepreneurship in my blood, which I am proud of. My great grandpa Norman Nelson was a 14 year old hand-line fisherman from Tromso, Norway, when he emigrated to the Vancouver area. He and younger brother Ritchie Nelson later founded Nelson Bros. Fisheries, in 1929. It became the largest fishing and canning company in Western Canada before being sold in 1960. No inheritance made it down to me, unfortunately, but there was no shortage of love growing up, and stories.

I love writing and storytelling and have learned that the key to storytelling is to have great experiences. That's why I like to travel for work as much as possible and there's few places I wouldn't go. Yet, the more I roam, the more I realize there's no place like home.

Epsom Point via Google Earth

My dream is to buy Epsom Point on Thormanby Island, a very special property on BC's Sunshine Coast, with a private waterfront. I want to build a home there for my friends and family to congregate, share stories and play music (Queue Rocky Racoon).

That's where I'll continue to develop CEO.CA, 'til my dying day.

Email: Tommy at CEO dot ca