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@MiningBookGuy Australia's A-Cap says to build uranium mine in Botswana http://www.reuters.com/article/ozabs-uk-botswana-acap-uranium-idAFKCN11F1XC $ACB.AX #Botswana @Newstracker already posted this one in the index, which is great! I'm reposting to add that it's interesting how #uranium momentum is picking up in #Africa, with $ACB.AX (very much under the radar and huge recent spike in share price), and $GXU, which is much more followed here, but still seems overlooked. On the other hand $PDN.AX $PDN is struggling (which was the biggest winner in the last cycle). I am very curious how #uranium will play out this cycle.
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@Excelsior @Onlyflaws - the #Uranium #AussieStocks like $BAN $BMN.AX , $TOE.AX $BOE.AX $ACB.AX $EPM.AX and $VMY.AX don't get as much fanfare here on ceo due to the more Canadian focus, and the very high grade exciting discoveries in the Athabasca Basin, but a few Australian companies are still worth following.
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@Excelsior @FrenchieFrench - I'm no expert on #Uranium mining in #Australia, but I've been investing in this sector for about 8 years and have come across a few Aussie companies that operate in Australia, and a growing number of Australian companies that operate abroad that may be helpful to start your journey. First up $RIO Rio Tinto is one of the larger players in Uranium space globally with their Rossing project in Namibia, and their work and 2/3 ownership of $ERA.AX Energy Resources of Australia. 1) Energy Resources of Australia is one of the longest running Uranium #Producers down under, but I've steered clear of them since they've had all the issues at their Ranger mine where they had the leach tank failures and downplayed the environmental damage. There are better #producers to own in North American in my opinion. http://www.energyres.com.au/ 2) $BOE.AX Boss Resources - is developing some of Uranium One's old assets (like their Honeymoon project) in South Australia and it is an up and coming #Developer to follow. http://bossresources.com.au/honeymoon-uranium-project/ 3) $TOE.AX Toro Energy has 2 different projects in but luckily it appears their permitted Wiluna project will squeak through before the moratorium on Uranium mining in Western Australia gets put back in place. They are a major Aussie Uranium #development project to follow http://www.toroenergy.com.au/projects/wiluna-mine/ 4) $LAM $LAM.AX Laramide Resources has 2 main jurisdictions - their New Mexico, USA projects they recently picked up from $URRE and their flagship Westmoreland development stage project in in Queensland, Australia http://www.laramide.com/index.php/projects22/australia10/westmoreland 5) $EPM.AX Eclipse Metals is a multi-commodity conglomerate but has some Uranium assets they are developing in the Northern Territory Australia http://eclipseuranium.com.au/projects/uranium-projects/ 6) $VMY.AX Vimy Resources has their Mulga Rock Uranium project in Western Australia, but it is unclear how the new moratorium in W. Australia may affect this project on a move-forward basis. http://www.vimyresources.com.au/index.php/mulga-rock-uranium-project/mulga-rock-uranium-project-overview ____________________________________________________________________________ Then there are the Australian Uranium companies that are operating abroad: 7) $PDN.AX  $PDN Paladin is the most well know Aussie Uranium company mostly operating abroad in Namibia and Malawi, #Africa. They've been an economic train-wreck the last few years with the low spot pricing, as they didn't have many longer term off-take agreements at higher prices like some of the more noteworthy North American producers, and they keep selling off more and more interest in their projects to survive. They do have a Canadian project, and 2 more developing projects in Australia that are worth noting, but most of the action is in Africa. http://www.paladinenergy.com.au/project-locations 8) $DYL.AX Deep Yellow Ltd is also operating in Namibia #Africa and they are getting more attention lately since the Sprott investment and recent earn-in by JOGMEC. http://www.deepyellow.com.au/ 9) $ACB.AX A-Cap Resources is operating their Letlhakane Uranium Project in Botswana southern #Africa http://acap.com.au/projects/letlhakane/letlhakane-uranium/ 10) $PEN.AX Peninsula Energy - is one of the newer #InSitu #Producers in Wyoming, USA that gets very little mention when people discuss North American Uranium miners, but they are a nice emerging company with other projects in Africa & Fiji. http://www.pel.net.au/projects/lance_projects__wyoming_usa.phtml There are probably more Australian-based or Australian-focused companies, but I'm getting tired, and that's a good list of 10 companies to start doing some homework on. Hope it helps. Cheers!
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@Excelsior Most of the #Uranium Stocks had a nice ~Green day to wrap up the week: #Uranium Stocks - Company Name - % Gain on Friday 05/19/2017 $UWE U3O8 Corp. +20.00% $FUU Fission 3.0 Corp. +13.33% $AL ALX Uranium Corp. +12.50% $CVV CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. +10.53% $BOE.AX Boss Resources Limited +9.09% $URG UR-Energy Inc. +9.07% $UEX UEX Corporation +9.76% $DNN Denison Mines Corp. +7.23% $API Appia Energy Corp. +6.90% $UEC Uranium Energy Corp. +5.88% $LAM Laramide Resources Ltd. +5.88% $AAZ Azincourt Uranium Inc. +5.26% $FCU Fission Uranium Corp. +4.84% $NXE NexGen Energy Ltd. +3.86% $ACB.AX A-Cap Resources Limited +3.57% $UUUU Energy Fuels Inc. +3.07% $LTBR Lightbridge Corporation +2.73% $URA Global X Funds - Global X Uranium ETF +2.51% $DYL.AX Deep Yellow Limited +2.13% $CCJ Cameco Corporation +1.96% $WUC Western Uranium Corporation +1.33% $NLR VanEck Vectors ETF Trust +1.07% $U Uranium Participation Corporation +0.52%
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