Interview with Stephen Stewart, CEO of gold developer, Orefinders Resources (TSX-V: ORX)

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Orezone Resources is multi asseted company in the Abitibi region exploring for gold. They raised $5.5M in September which gives them the money they need to continue the drill programme to prove up the scale and size of the opportunity. As one of many small gold explorers they have not caught the eye of the market, but Stewart is a driven and capable individual. And a busy programme ahead the news flow will certainly help.

If you want to understand their business plan (they wrote one), listen to the interview from May where Stewart explains how they hope to approach the project. So far he seems to be doing what he said he would do.

We Discuss:

1:44 - Company Overview

2:47 - Raise of $5.5M: Why This Amount & From Who?

4:14 - Multiple Assets, What's the Focus?

8:49 - Knight Project Results: Depths & Grade Normal to Region?

11:12 - Goals & Constraints: Strategy for Value Growth

15:15 - Market Perception & Understanding of the Orefinders Story

16:57 - How Much More Time, Money, Effort to be put into Knight?

22:27 - Business Model: Not a Miner, Maybe a Developer?

26:22 - Update on Mistango River & American Eagle Gold

28:52 - 2020: An Eventful Year. What to Expect Going Forward?

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