Originally recorded on June 2nd, 2021.

Questions in the Interview:

#1 – For those that don’t know, Hugh is a geologist by trade and a successful one at that, as he has been a part of a number of gold discoveries.

Can you give us an overview of your career thus far and how you ended up focusing what looks like a good portion it in Africa?

#2 – There political risk no matter where you go in the world today.

With that said, some jurisdictions do seem to be a more stable than others.

Africa is usually considered by most as high risk, but someone like yourself has made a career exploring and developing mining projects throughout the continent.

Why have you been successful is there a secret to success in Africa?

#3 – Last fall there was some instability in the Ivory Coast due to the Presidential election results.

Since then from what I have been following, things appear to have settled down.

Can you give us an idea of how things are going in the Ivory Coast right now?

#4 – Now onto the recently released PEA.

Some very robust economics:

At US1600/oz gold, after tax NPV of $652M and IRR of 31%, this jumps to over a billion dollars at the current gold price.

In your view and experience, what are the aspects of Kone which give it the potential to be an operating mine in the future?

#5 – With the PEA now released and an infill drill program almost complete, what other catalysts do investors have to look forward to leading up to the end of the year?

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